How Rick And Morty's Season 4 Premiere Did In The Ratings For Adult Swim

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How did Rick and Morty’s Season 4 premiere do in the ratings for Adult Swim? The Emmy-winning hit finally returned after a two-year hiatus, as Rick and Morty fans had experienced their last new episode all the way back in October 2017. The drought has officially ended with the series’ Season 4 premiere on Sunday, November 10.

The beloved series, which CinemaBlend’s Mick Joest considers one of the best Adult Swim shows ever, came back strong in ratings and viewership. Rick and Morty scored 2.33 million viewers for its Season 4 premiere. The good news does not end there for the hit show. Rick and Morty also got a firm number in the highly coveted 18-49 demographic ratings! What was it?

Rick and Morty scored a 1.3 rating in the 18-49 demo for its Season 4 premiere. That is a number that surpassed The Walking Dead, which had a 1.05 rating with its latest episode of Season 10. It is a defeat that will not be lost on those paying attention to the zombie apocalypse drama's recent ratings performance. As for Rick and Morty’s success, it was not solely left to the 18-49 demo.

The Season 4 premiere of Rick and Morty also drew in a 1.65 rating among the 18-34 demo, which puts it ahead of TV shows airing on broadcast and cable. Absence clearly didn't make Rick and Morty fans' hearts grow cold. The show has its own catchphrases for a reason!

These numbers (via THR) do not factor in digital or delayed viewing. After those get counted, Rick and Morty could theoretically pull a Treadstone or something along those lines. You just never know. With Rick and Morty coming on at 11:30 p.m. ET, it stands to reason that fans may have held off on seeing it.

The long wait meant having to freshen up on everything regarding the Smith family. After all, two years is a long time! Not long enough for Evil Morty to be a distant memory in Season 4.

Thankfully, Rick and Morty fans who weathered the long hiatus should not have to worry about big breaks in the future. This, according to the series’ co-creator Justin Roiland, after Rick and Morty’s incredible renewal order of 70 episodes. In case you did not know, the show is not going anywhere any time soon.

So, there is plenty of time to work in that Christopher Lloyd appearance that Lloyd said he is down for. Or that previously discussed installment with acknowledged fan of the Adult Swim series, Kanye West. Stay tuned, Rick and Morty fans! The future and more Season 4 awaits!

New episodes of Rick and Morty air on Sunday Nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on Adult Swim. Season 4 is one of this fall’s premieres.

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