Jon Favreau Confirmed When The Mandalorian Season 2 Premieres With An Intriguing New Photo

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The Mandalorian has only just finished Season 1, and fans are already begging for Season 2. Luckily, the wait for it won't be quite as long as typical lulls between streaming shows as Disney+ gave showrunner Jon Favreau the green light for new episodes some time ago. It looks like that move paid off for Disney+ as Favreau revealed the new season should be ready by fall of next year.

The Mandalorian will return for Season 2 in fall 2020, and we have about a thousand questions about the finale and all that happened there. Unfortunately, Jon Favreau is giving more questions than answers at the moment as he posted a photo of a fairly well-known Star Wars character many will remember from Return of the Jedi.

For those not up on Star Wars lore, that's a Gammorean. This guy's a little lankier than the standard stock of this ilk we've seen in the past, which could play into the story for Season 2. Will a Gamorrean have a significant role in Season 2, or will they be just another classic species represented similar to the Jawas in Season 1?

Gamorreans hail from the planet Gamorr, which is located on the Outer Rim of the Star Wars galaxy. Given that's where a bulk of The Mandalorian takes place, it's possible the bounty hunter will make a journey there in the next season. It would be cool to see an episode that chronicled the culture of Gamorreans, given much of what is known about their species is largely from novels and other non-live action works.

Of course, it's also possible the Gamorrean figure is also the tease of a more notorious Star Wars species, the Hutts. The intergalactic gangster Hutts are well-known throughout the galaxy, as many who read additional Star Wars tales know Jabba was not the only of his kind. Hutts are known to employ Gamorreans as muscle in their crime syndicates, so it's also possible Mando comes face to face with a Hutt in Season 2.

Again though, this is all just speculation. It's equally as likely that Season 2 could feature a sole Gammorean in the background eating at a cantina and that's that. Jon Favreau already has The Mandalorian fans hooked with his explosive Season 1 finale, it's not like he needs to give out any more teasers on Twitter to get people excited. That said, if he is reading this and wishes to do so please do that because we're all jonesing for info already!

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The Mandalorian Season 2 returns to Disney+ fall 2020, which is already less than a year away. Stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the series in the meantime and to stay up to date on what's happening in the world of television and movies.

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