Henry Cavill Was So Obsessed With His Witcher Character He Took The Costume Home

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After just a couple of weeks, The Witcher has been confirmed as a breakout hit for Netflix, though there are dissenting critics. It seems obvious in hindsight that the adaptation would thrive, considering the massive success of the video game franchise, though live-action projects related to video games tend to have a legacy of disappointment. Thankfully, having a high-profile star like Henry Cavill definitely helps, especially since he's as big a Witcher fan as any viewers out there.

To that end, few are as thrilled with The Witcher's success as Henry Cavill, whose appreciation for the games and novels has been quite obvious. The Superman actor is such a fan, in fact, that he ended up taking his Geralt costume home to display, though his next-door neighbors shouldn't expect to see him frolicking about in his yard while wearing it. Here's how he explained it.

I took it all home...It's not so easy to put on. It took two hours of hair and makeup every day, so that's just sitting at home looking cool.

It's no surprise Henry Cavill isn't rushing home to throw his garb from The Witcher on, because that's a lot of leather for a mid-week trip to the grocery store. It isn't the first time we've heard the actor talk about the difficulties of costumes, which are often made to look cool rather than be solely comfortable or functional. In any case, who wants to throw on a gray wig and yellow contacts when you already look like Superman in real life?

While Henry Cavill doesn't make a habit of wearing his Geralt gear around the house, The Witcher's showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich revealed that it wasn't so uncommon to see the actor dressed as Geralt off set when the cameras weren't rolling. Here's how she put it to NME:

It's not just a role to him. He wanted, for instance, the armor to look like it had been worn for years and years. He made breakfast in it, he would sleep in it. We're like ‘you don’t have to do that by the way,’ but he’s that invested in embodying his character.

Henry Cavill may not be down for romping around as Geralt at his home address, but Eastern Europe was a different story. According to Hissrich, part of his costume dedication was to ensure the armor looked well worn, but one can't help but think back to Cavill's talk about the lengthy time in hair and makeup. Perhaps by sleeping in his costume, he was able to cut down on prep time and get into filming that much quicker.

In either case, the prep time was likely well worth it to Cavill, who tasked his agents with frequently contacting The Witcher production team once he learned the project was in development. The team was initially leery to give Cavill a yes, and told the actor he'd be auditioning alongside the near 200 other people they'd see for the role. In the end Cavill won out, and definitely feels like a major factor in this series' success.

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