We Finally Know When HBO's Westworld Is Coming Back For Season 3

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Ever since Westworld's mind-bending (albeit super confusing) Season 2 conclusion, HBO subscribers have been wanting to know when Season 3 will arrive to answer all the burning questions fans were left with. That want only intensified with the inclusion of talented actors like Aaron Paul and others, and now HBO has finally revealed when to expect the next season of the acclaimed sci-fi drama.

The news came in the form of a new video for Season 3, which breaks down a timeline of events leading up to the events of the new season. At the end, the release date flashes across the screen, signifying HBO has officially announced Westworld will be arriving on Sunday, March 15. Beware the ides, amirite?

There are several real-life events mentioned in that timeline, and I'm assuming the future stuff will bleed into Westworld Season 3's current reality in the outside world. Indonesia's ecological collapse, various assassinations, Russia's civil war and Paris' thermonuclear event all sound like pretty catastrophic events, but then it all stops, in a sense.

At some point it sounds as though someone figured out a way to give history an "author," whatever that means. The term "Solomon Build" is used, and following its implementation, there's quite a gap in the timeline. Did someone work out a way to bring all those violent delights to a not so violent end? Or the opposite?

Humanity doesn't look to be in a great place by the time Season 3 roles around, and it almost sounds like someone is glad that the robotic Hosts exist? That doesn't seem like something an everyday human would say, considering all the chaos viewers witnessed in Season 2. But hey, maybe our whole perspective on Hosts will change after the Season 3 premiere takes viewers into the "real" world. The whole "author" for human history bit is odd, and almost makes it sound like reality is no longer as real as it once was. A safe assumption is that Dolores is the author, but that remains to be seen.

Past trailers haven't given many answers for what Westworld Season 3 will be about. We've seen Dolores potentially bouncing between her body and Charlotte's, Bernard looking for answers, and Maeve fighting WWII Nazis. It appears Delos may be back in working order, and Delores may be running the show? And she might be glitching? And maybe there are aliens?

Again, it's all very confusing, with or without taking into account how Westworld Season 2 ended, but this show tends to operate on confusion. Hopefully, the storytelling is a tad more straightforward than it was in Season 2, if only to unify the fans who did and didn't like how that season played out.

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