Bachelor Spoilers: Will Peter's Live Finale Show He's The Next Jason And Arie?

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SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

What happens in The Bachelor 2020's live "After the Final Rose" episode, and will it show Peter Weber as the next Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr. to dump his fiancée and ask out (or even propose to) his runner-up? Or will there be still another last minute switch?

I'd love it if the spoilers were half true -- Peter gets engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss and dumps her for Madison Prewett ... but then Hannah Ann and Peter get back together again at the last minute! I was all for Peter and Madison but now I'm thinking Peter should be with Hannah Ann or stay single for a long, therapy-infused time.

But, seriously, what is with these Bachelors and their runners-up? Pick a freakin' lane, boys, you are not building a harem!

It took until the last minute for The Bachelor 2020 finale spoilers to show up, but Reality Steve updated Monday, March 9 to say Peter Weber got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss at the final rose ceremony, then later dumped her for Madison Prewett. That's Steve's story as of Monday night heading into the Tuesday "After the Final Rose" updates.

Madison quit before the final rose ceremony, but technically she was the runner-up. We saw her leave in the first night of the two-night Bachelor 2020 finale. It did seem like Peter wanted to pick her first, but after she left he didn't just pull a Colton Underwood and leave. He could have. But he stayed to date Hannah Ann and reportedly went ahead and picked the one woman remaining and proposed. (I blame Barb.)

The proposal reportedly happened after Chris Harrison returned for his big "there's something I just found out" speech that's been teased since the very first episode. Reality Steve was told Chris' final rose ceremony news was something about Hannah Ann considering leaving the show too. Ultimately, that didn't happen, even if it should have. Peter and Hannah Ann reportedly got engaged, and then he reportedly dumped Hannah Ann in a Bachelor safe house and reconnected with Madison, which we should see in footage Madison filmed post-season in Alabama.

Spoilers were all over the place this season, but one consistent thing has been the report that Bachelor Peter and Madison are currently together but not engaged. But Chris Harrison keeps saying we may think we know the ending but we don't. Is he just blowing smoke or is there another twist ahead? Peter's family loves Hannah Ann and she is moving near Peter right after the finale. But ... I don't know. I just don't know!

If Madison and Peter are still together, as spoiled, we need a State Of The Union update. Their relationship may be shaky OR Peter may propose during the live "After the Final Rose" special. If Peter and Madison do get engaged, and eventually married, that would be the THIRD Bachelor and runner-up to get married.

The Bachelor Season 13 Melissa and Jason After the Final Rose

As I just noted in a rundown of The Bachelor and Bachelorette's 10 most dramatic endings, Bachelor Jason Mesnick became The Most Hated Bachelor of all time back in 2009 when he dumped fiance Melissa Rycroft for runner-up Molly Malaney. Jason and Melissa broke up off-camera and just had the most painfully awkward "After the Final Rose" episode, which aired in two parts; Part 2 included Jason asking out Molly. The good news is that Jason and Molly are still married now and have a daughter together.

The Bachelor 2018 Arie dumps fiancee Becca ABC

Fast forward to 2018, and Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. pulled a similar move. He dumped fiancée Becca Kufrin, and this time ABC taped it as Arie followed crying Becca around the Bachelor safe house. The good news is that Arie and runner-up Lauren Burnham are now married and have a daughter.

Interestingly enough, 2006 Bachelor Lorenzo Borghese also briefly dated his runner-up Sadie Murray in the real world after he and his Chosen One Jennifer Wilson broke it off.

This is not a problem -- or solution? -- that Bachelorettes tend to have. Honestly, though, as much as I find it a problem, since it deeply hurts the woman who was briefly the "winner," there's something to be said for two Bachelor marriages so far from the dude going back to his runner-up. The only pure Bachelor marriage after 24 seasons and counting is from Sean Lowe actually marrying the woman he picked, Catherine Giudici.

On the other side, The Bachelorette has FOUR marriages to date after 15 seasons -- Trista and Ryan, Ashley and J.P., Desiree and Chris, and Rachel and Bryan. As of today, JoJo and Jordan and Becca and Garrett are still engaged, just not married yet. Conclusion: The Bachelorette is the superior show in every way.

Still, I'm rooting for The Bachelor to give us more love stories. Technically, Colton and Cassie are still together so they may surprise us all and get married someday. And if things do manage to work out with Peter and Madison ... I'd consider it a miracle, but I also think Justin Bieber just gave us a hint about how hard Peter might be working on making miracles happen.

Do you actually think Peter and Madison will get engaged during the live "After the Final Rose" episode or will they just give us an update on their relationship -- whether sweet or strained and awkward?

Whatever happens with Peter and Madison, Peter is going to have to face Hannah Ann again and answer for his actions. Awk-ward. Maybe Peter's mom will come out too and share her thoughts since she was clearly Team Hannah Ann all the way. I doubt it will be as tense as Melissa vs. Jason -- when she called him a bastard -- but hopefully that "I'm so sorry" speech from Peter to Hannah Ann at the Bachelor safe house isn't as painful as watching Arie follow Becca around.

Also on the "After the Final Rose," Bachelorette Clare Crawley may continue the tradition of meeting her first few men of Season 16. Reality Steve said her season officially starts filming this Friday, March 13, but she was already spotted filming with her Bachelor ex.

What do you HOPE happens? Peter and Madison engagement? Peter and Hannah Ann getting back together? Peter going solo because it's clear he's not ready to pick someone who is ready to pick him back?

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