Bachelor Spoilers: Peter Defends Hannah Ann From Comparisons To Luke P.

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MAJOR SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

The Bachelor 2020 just started and one girl is already standing out for drama: Hannah Ann Sluss. In fact, she even got some early comparisons to Bachelorette Hannah Brown's infamous Luke P. for being so territorial and aggressive with her attentions. Well, Bachelor Peter Weber isn't having that and he stood up for her. Should we read into that?

Bachelor Peter may just want to save anyone from the fate of being The Next Luke P. However, spoilers report that Hannah Ann is one of Peter's final two, and Jimmy Kimmel pointed in Hannah Ann's direction with his finale "prediction," which tends to match spoilers on who wins. So you tell me. Is Peter defending an ex-girlfriend or his current girlfriend/fiancée?

You may or may not know that Hannah Ann came to Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24 via Hannah Godwin. Hannah G. was one of Bachelor Colton's finalists last year and she just got engaged on Bachelor in Paradise 2019. Hannah G. and Hannah Ann are friends and models together.

Apparently Hannah Ann didn't know much about The Bachelor before she signed on and was quite "naive," as Chris Harrison put it in his pre-season cast assessments. He said she ends up involved in all kinds of drama, and the first two weeks are playing that out.

On the first night, Hannah Ann was That Girl to keep stealing away Bachelor Peter for a second. Some fans may not know that the producers are the ones who push contestants to do that. So that's an instance of Hannah Ann being used by production, and apparently another one happened with ChampagneGate.

More on the Kelsey vs. Hannah Ann ChampagneGate below, but first Bachelor Peter defended Hannah Ann on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin (via ET). Rachel said, after the first episode, Hannah Ann reminded her of Luke P. She wasn't the only viewer to make that comparison:

However, Bachelor Peter was quick to say Hannah Ann is nothing like The Bachelorette's Luke P.:

No, not even close. Not even close. Don’t even go there. No. She was intentional, but that’s different.

Bachelor Peter said Hannah Ann being forward was one of the reasons he gave her the first impression rose on Night 1:

There's nothing wrong with that, being that kind of forward. ... That girl knew exactly what she wanted coming into this and never let me question that. And I literally mean that from the beginning. She was the first person to steal me away for the first conversation. She was the first kind of normal kiss. Not from like the first entrances. We clicked immediately.

Bachelor Peter also defended Hannah Ann's boldness to ET:

She stuck out to me so much, and some people, they have their opinions, but I love the boldness. I loved her being so intentional and showing me exactly why she was there. And I think it's important to note that she's the most sweetest person. She was doing it the right way. She wasn't being mean about it, or necessarily disrespectful to any of the women. She's the sweetest person and it worked, and I appreciated it.

She's sweet, but as Chris Harrison noted in his pre-season cast assessments, Hannah Ann also has a backbone, and she ends up at the center of all of the drama this season.

Speaking of drama, after former Bachelorette Hannah Brown finally leaves The Bachelor and goes on Dancing With the Stars -- and does NOT return, per Reality Steve -- Peter cancels the rest of the sex date and just checks in with the ladies later at the cocktail party. That's when the ChampagneGate incident happens.

Turns out, Kelsey Weier brought a 2-year-old bottle of champagne on The Bachelor to open with Peter. However, according to Reality Steve, production pulled a typical manipulation move and gave the champagne bottle to Hannah Ann to open with Peter without saying it was Kelsey's or that it had significance. So Kelsey sees them opening the champagne bottle and goes off on Hannah Ann.

That's going to give Hannah Ann back-to-back episode drama and probably won't help her shake off the Luke P. comparisons. Good news for her is that Hannah Ann and Kelsey seem to get along fine after the show and it wasn't a huge lasting deal. Plus, Victoria F. will soon take over as the #1 drama magnet in the house.

Since Bachelor Peter Weber reportedly did not have a "normal ending" and he's confident no one will spoil his Season 24 finale, fans have been busy speculating what happens after he gets down to his final two. Here are some guesses but we'll see as The Bachelor 2020 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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