Why The Blacklist's Amir Arison Is 'Absolutely Loving' Season 7 (Even Though He's Mad At Aram)

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Amir Arison has been on The Blacklist since the first season, and he still loves the show in Season 7. It has been an eventful one for Arison’s fan-favorite character, Aram Mojtabai. Following the tragic end of his relationship with Samar Navabi, Aram has started seeing someone. A very mysterious someone, who has been pushing Aram to act recklessly.

It turns out that not everyone is a fan of Aram’s actions in Season 7. Amir Arison opened up about Aram’s current storyline, which has him torn personally and loving it professionally. Of Aram’s latest storyline on The Blacklist, Arison told 4 NBC New York:

And he's in a spicy relationship right now. Crashing weddings! . . . I am absolutely loving this season and I've been going a direction that I'm actually a little bit mad at Aram right now, which is super fun to play as an actor. But I'm like Aram, 'you are misbehaving right now,' but it's great as an actor.

The relationship that Amir Arison is referring to is Aram and Elodie Radcliffe’s, which has been going on for most of Season 7. She is a relatively new character for The Blacklist, having been introduced early in the season. Aram met Elodie during the Task Force’s chase for a Blacklister, and as was mentioned above, she is married.

Her husband was seriously injured during a game of “thrill-seeking,” which resulted in a deadly scenario for a participant. Despite her husband's injuries, Elodie has continued pushing the envelope, and tried to recruit Aram in playing along. As of The Blacklist’s fall finale, Aram is still in a relationship with her.

Questions have personally abounded about their relationship, which feels a bit out of character for Aram. Regardless of the romance, Amir Arison is still in love with doing The Blacklist. A show that’s longevity is something he is well-aware of. Speaking about his run on the crime drama, Arison said:

Well, I think it's actually seven years. It’s a real treat. Somebody told me that in today's market, shows don't go past three or four seasons. So, seven years! I mean, actually the best thing about it is coming here for seven years! Seriously, I feel like I was a different person seven years ago, so I feel like Aram is a different person, so to be able to explore a character for seven years.

Amir Arison has done a tremendous job bringing Aram to life over the years, in my opinion. He should have gotten an Emmy nomination for his performance last season. Aram is one of my favorite characters, and as The Blacklist has progressed, he has gotten to get more and more involved with the story.

After years as the Task Force’s go-to computer whiz, Aram is still that with the bonus of getting to do more in the field. Amir Arison noted the evolution that Aram has gone through between his beginning on The Blacklist up until Season 7. Arison said:

And you know, he started off fun and sort of light, and now I'm in a spicy relationship, and I've been in love triangles, and earlier this season you could see that my field training had taken place. So really, right now, I'm actually still being challenged psychologically this episode about how he's approaching certain things and it's a direct result of things that happened to him last season.

I look forward to seeing what Aram gets up to when The Blacklist returns from its extended hiatus! Liz is keeping secrets again, and Aram is still under the belief that Red is Ilya Koslov. Season 7 has revealed that is actually not the case. Hence, Red’s identity remains an unsolved mystery.

The Blacklist will be back in March, and according to what has been teased, some exciting episodes are coming up! While the drama has been revealed to be heading towards its endgame, I am ready to watch Aram, and his fellow cast of characters continue indefinitely.

Amir Arison and Aram will be back when The Blacklist returns during the midseason in March on NBC. A precise premiere date for Season 7’s comeback has not been announced yet, so stay tuned. You can watch Arison as Aram during past seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix alongside content arriving in 2020.

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