Why The Blacklist's Aram Is Now At War With Red After Samar's Heartbreaking Decision

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Spoilers for the two-part Season 6 episode of The Blacklist (“Robert Vesco” and “The Osterman Umbrella Company”) are below.

In a stunning turn of events, The Blacklist introduced an all-out war between the two characters you would least expect. It is Aram versus Red following this week’s two-parter. The reason? Red helped Samar start a new life, leaving Aram behind to live his.

After having her burn notice served, Samar and Aram were on the run for her life. Samar's former employers put a hit out after Aram told her handler, Levi, that she had gotten diagnosed with vascular dementia. That condition is the lasting result of last season’s huge cliffhanger. While she survived, she never fully recovered.

Accordingly, Samar faced a conundrum. She will always have assassins trying to kill her out of fear she will accidentally share their secrets. Aram wanted to go on the run with her and -- thanks to the Task Force -- all of the arrangements had gotten made. That is when Red came to the warehouse Aram was meeting the Task Force at to get his and Samar’s documents.

Red revealed that Samar had chosen to forge ahead solo. A devastated Aram shared a heartbreaking goodbye phone call with Samar. After hanging up with her, his fury took on the form of a physical outburst. Aram punched Red. Soon after, a declaration of war. Aram told Red that he would never forgive Red for taking Samar away from him.

If you thought that Aram’s anger would have dissipated by next week’s episode, think again. The shocking promo for the following installment showed Aram taking action against Red. Watch it for yourself below:

So, that is going to happen. Red may not go after Aram with all of his power at first. He knows that Aram is lashing out at him because he is probably most furious with himself.

In an effort to save her, Aram told Samar’s handler about her diagnosis, which ultimately led to the contract on her life getting taken out. For now, it is easier to blame Red than face that.

Aram going after Red was beyond shocking to see. Hopefully it does not last long. I love Aram and Red’s friendly dynamic and have never wished for them to become enemies. A similar situation broke out between Red and his former confidant and close associate, Mr. Kaplan.

This viewer thought it was a highly enthralling conflict. However, there was one major downside. It did not end well for Kate. Could Aram be facing a similar fate? Please, no!

Losing both Aram and Samar would be horrific for The Blacklist, in my opinion. Saying goodbye is never easy, and for those wondering, this was goodbye to Samar for now. Her portrayer, actress Mozhan Marnò, took to Instagram to share the news. Read her farewell post below:

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Thankfully, The Blacklist left Samar among the living. There is still a reason to hope that Red could cure her. Yes, he took pills. He could have been trying out the side effects of the drugs for himself though. Remember, the physical he had before his no-go execution came back saying he was in good health.

Theoretically, the door is open for Samar to return. For now, the war between Aram and Red is just starting. Between losing Samar, and then Aram’s dynamic with Red, The Blacklist is showing relentless emotional aim. Speaking of which, how amazing were Amir Arison and Mozhan Marnò throughout the two-parter?

They are such bright stars and to see them burn with such intensity in this episode was phenomenal for this viewer. Amir Arison and Mozhan Marnò’s turns were awards-worthy. The goodbyes between Aram and Samar were crushing. When Aram asked Samar who was going to take care of her, I was a goner. These two!

Personally, Aram and Samar’s coupling has long been one of the highlights of The Blacklist. Their chemistry, banter, and love story have offered a true romance worth rooting for to succeed. Sadly, it is getting a not-so-happy ending for now.

The Blacklist has taken away a romance and given viewers a new rivalry. How much damage will Aram inflict before he calms down? Will he ever forgive Red? Can Aram and Red ever go back to the way things were between them? One can only hope.

Find out how Aram’s war against Red unfolds when The Blacklist continues with new episodes airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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