Vikings' Bjorn Just Made Me Very Mad In Season 6

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Spoiler Warning: Details for the January 29 episode of Vikings Season 6 entitled “Resurrection” are discussed below!

Why, Bjorn Ironside? Why? Vikings’ previous episode involved Bjorn’s devoted (and pregnant) wife, Gunnhild, confirming her suspicions that Bjorn was cheating on her with Ingrid, who had been pursuing him since Season 6 began. I had hoped in vain that Bjorn would not give in to her advances. Well, he did – again and again.

In last week’s episode, Gunnhild proposed that Bjorn marry his mistress, and the three of them enter into plural marriage. In vain, I again hoped that Bjorn would not do it. Well, he did. It is next to impossible to argue that Vikings is acting outside of canon in introducing the twist. Of course, it does not make it any less of a bitter pill to take.

While Gunnhild put on a brave front during the Vikings episode, she was clearly hurt by her husband’s actions. In private, she shed gold tears (like Freya) in her and Bjorn’s bed as he left to go be with Ingrid. How could Bjorn be so cruel? Has he learned nothing from what his father did to his mother?

For Bjorn to repeat Ragnar’s horrible behavior as a husband was brutal to watch. It made me very mad at him. He has made so many terrible decisions throughout Vikings Season 6. His choices as king ultimately got his son and mother killed. Perhaps it is an act of self-destruction that he is acting this way in his marriage.

If so, it still makes me angry. Bjorn got a front-row seat to his parents’ relationship. Even though they reunited in Valhalla, Ragnar destroyed his and Lagertha’s marriage with his affair and subsequent marriage to Aslaug. When Ragnar had proposed plural marriage to Lagertha in Vikings’ second season, she left, and Bjorn went with her.

Bjorn saw his mother’s anguish all those years ago, and he is now bringing that to his own, pregnant, wife. I am disappointed that he has secured such small personal growth as Vikingsfinal season continues. Is Bjorn so emotionally out of touch that he actually thinks that Gunnhild is cool with him having another wife? I'm sure she wanted him to say no.

Gunnhild’s tears and private pain told the real story as Vikings continued. Cue Ingrid already attempting to undermine Gunnhild’s loyalty to Bjorn by bringing up Harald, which is a sign that the trio's dynamic is going to be a that of a troubled triangle. That is, if Bjorn does not quickly realize his mistake in marrying Ingrid. He is the one with the power to end this disaster.

Does he think Lagertha would approve if she were alive? She always supported Bjorn without continually telling him he was right; even though I cannot instantly think of a time she actually called him out on Vikings. That said, Ragnar was always quick to correct him. Maybe this is Bjorn’s strange way of honoring him.

Whatever his motives, I am disappointed in Bjorn. I thought he would be a better husband to Gunnhild than this! Find out what happens next in Bjorn’s plural marriage, when another new episode of Vikings Season 6 airs next Wednesday, February 5, at 10 p.m. ET on History. The first half of the historically-based drama’s final season is one of the midseason’s premieres.

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