The Originals' Joseph Morgan Found A Cool Connection To Ian Somerhalder's New Show V Wars

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The Originals star Joseph Morgan will always and forever be known as Klaus Mikaelson, who first appeared on The Vampire Diaries with Ian Somerhalder's Damon Salvatore. Now both Morgan and Somerhalder have new shows. Morgan just wrapped the first season of his new TV show Brave New World. At the same time, he caught up on the start of Somerhalder's new Netflix vampire show V Wars and found a cool little tie to his own upcoming show:

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Nice. In V Wars, Ian Somerhalder plays human Dr. Luther Swann in a new vampire origin story. As The Vampire Diaries fans pointed out in the comments, the second episode of TVD Season 2 is also titled "Brave New World," so there are little easter egg connections to Joseph Morgan's new show all over the place.

Joseph Morgan is clearly excited for fans to see Brave New World, the sci-fi dystopian series expected in 2020 on the new streaming service Peacock. The adaptation of Aldous Huxley's classic novel is set in a seemingly utopian society that has achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money, family, and history itself. Morgan plays CJack60, an Epsilon assigned to tedious physical jobs, who is deeply impacted after witnessing a horrifying incident.

Here's how he responded when a fan asked how he was feeling as Brave New World Season 1 finished filming:

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Joseph Morgan also added a great Brave New World tease on what he liked most about the show and his character:

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Well, that's intriguing! A couple of months ago, Joseph Morgan tweeted that there had been an exciting development on Brave New World, teasing that fans would see more of him. I wondered if he was teasing an early renewal for Season 2. Maybe his character just got even more to do, or a new storyline twist. We'll see.

While he was answering questions, he also confirmed The Originals' final scene of the show was shot last in Jackson Square "where it all began." He also wrote that Klaus Mikaelson "still lives in my head," despite saying goodbye to the character when he sacrificed himself in the series finale. Of course, that got fans emotional all over again.

It's an exciting time for the Vampire Diaries family. Ian Somerhalder just dropped the 10-episode first season of V Wars -- including one episode he directed -- and fans are crossing their fingers for Netflix to renew the show for Season 2. Meanwhile, Stefan Salvatore actor Paul Wesley just released Tell Me A Story Season 2 on CBS All Access. That season was released on the same day as V Wars.

So as sad as it is to say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, it's great to know the stars are all out there still doing great things. Plus, we have Legacies. I am loving the second TVD spinoff so far, which stars Klaus Mikaelson's daughter Hope Mikaelson, as played by the Emmy-worthy Danielle Rose Russell.

Brave New World was originally meant to premiere on the USA Network but it got moved to Peacock, NBCUniversal's streaming service named after the NBC logo, which will launch in April 2020. There's no exact premiere date yet for Brave New World and also we're waiting to see a trailer. Since the first season just wrapped, all kinds of materials -- first official photos, trailers, etc. -- should be coming out relatively soon.

Yikes, Paul Wesley Wanted The Vampire Diaries To End Like The Originals?

In the meantime, you should catch up on V Wars, which is now on Netflix. As Ian Somerhalder noted, it's more grounded than than typical vampire shows. His new character is very different from Damon Salvatore. Also, he gets to act opposite his real-life wife, Twilight star Nikki Reed. Also, keep watching Legacies Season 2 Thursday nights on The CW to see more Vampire Diaries and Originals characters pop up ... like evil Uncle Kai.

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