Why Jennifer Lopez And Shakira Won't Be Paid For Super Bowl 2020 Halftime Show

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The Super Bowl halftime show is perhaps the biggest televised musical performance of the year. As such, some may think that artists cash a big check for the honor to perform, but this actually isn't the case. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez won't be paid for their Super Bowl 2020 halftime performance, the same as artists before them, but that's not to say the effort won't prove lucrative for those who perform.

Performing in the Super Bowl puts an artist or band on an international stage. CNBC reported that the past few performers, Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, saw drastic spikes in their streaming and music sales following their performances. The same was true for Maroon 5, even when it seemed there were many fans down on the performance that year. Perhaps the biggest example that shows the impact comes from Timberlake, who saw his music sales raise 534% the same day as his performance.

It's also worth noting that the elaborate sets, pyrotechnics, and anything else needed for the performance are provided by the NFL. It's a big money saver for the artists, as Super Bowl halftime performances have been known to reach costs of close to $10 million. That's quite a chunk of change, especially considering the whole show from start to finish is about 15 minutes maximum.

In short, artists likely don't ask the NFL for pay to perform because this short performance often pays out for them in dividends. With that said, the NFL has taken that into consideration and at one point actually considered charging artists for the honor to perform at its halftime show. Luckily, no one is paying out of pocket this year, though it's always possible that may be a reality in the future.

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's performance is a historical moment for the NFL as it'll be the first time the show is headlined by Latina women. There's been no explicit confirmation of exactly what the show will entail, though there have been reports singer Bad Bunny or Mr. 305 Pitbull could make an appearance. Though details are scarce, JLo told Us Weekly her performance with Shakira will celebrate the culture they share as artists, and the culture of Miami.

Really the only thing viewers should expect is censors to be keeping a close eye on the performance, and ready to hit that "dump" button should anything run the risk of offending the millions that will be watching. The NFL has had a couple controversies during halftime shows, and would like to avoid another one if it can be helped. As viral as those shocking moments can be, they can also result in massive fines from the FCC.

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