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Planters started generating all kinds of buzz with its Super Bowl 2020 ad campaign more than a week before the actual Super Bowl when it killed off Mr. Peanut, but Mr. Peanut's funeral during the second quarter of the big game ended with the debut of what might be the cutest baby since The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda. Yes, Planters has its own Baby Nut, complete with a hashtag, and the goal seems to be for the little guy to go viral ASAP. So will viewers side with Baby Yoda or Baby Nut?

Well, there are some key differences. Baby Nut is actually the second coming of Mr. Peanut, who regrew after the Kool-Aid Man dropped a sad "Oh yeah" and cried onto Mr. Peanut's grave. Baby Nut is Mr. Peanut as a baby, whereas Baby Yoda is not actually baby Yoda, and he's officially known as "The Child." Titles aside, which baby is more popular? Unsurprisingly, Twitter has already weighed in.

It didn't take long for folks on Twitter to start the comparisons between Planters' Baby Nut and Disney+'s Baby Yoda, especially since it wasn't so long ago that Baby Yoda was dominating the internet during The Mandalorian Season 1. A common sentiment is that #BabyNut is not the greatest hashtag, although it has successfully gotten people talking!

Unfortunately for Planters, the consensus seems to be that Baby Yoda beats Baby Nut, although there are some Baby Nut defenders. Let's jump into the overwhelming Baby Yoda love first:

Believe it or not, "dollar store version of baby yoda" is actually one of the kinder comparisons from Baby Yoda defenders on Twitter! At least this particular post showcases a cut pic of the new Baby Nut next to adorable Baby Yoda.

Others are a lot less kind toward Baby Nut in comparison to Baby Yoda, although arguably also a lot funnier:

On the one hand, Baby Yoda seems to prefer raw frogs and bone broth to sandwiches based on the first season of The Mandalorian. On the other hand, Mando probably hasn't offered the youngster a PB&J just yet, so who knows what Season 2 can bring?

In all seriousness, others on social media suggested Baby Yoda has the advantage on Baby Nut due to one particular factor:

Baby Yoda did show how formidable he is with the Force on The Mandalorian, so few viewers might put their money on Baby Nut if it came down to a battle between these two little ones... for some reason.

According to somebody else, Baby Nut is at a distinct disadvantage that has nothing to do with the Force: he is a nut.

Is that a little harsh? Maybe. Does that poster have a point? Baby Nut is a legume, after all!

Now that we've gotten the Baby Yoda love and defense out of the way, let's look at some of the big Baby Nut fans. They may be fewer and farther between at this point, but they're out there on Twitter!

Say what you will about Baby Yoda vs. Baby Nut, but Baby Nut is pretty cute on his own, even if he is somehow Mr. Peanut reborn after being watered by the Kool-Aid Man's tears. Look at those eyes!

Another person on Twitter thinks Baby Yoda should be aware that he has some competition:

Will Baby Nut gain some more fans once the immediate shock of seeing Mr. Peanut resurrected via Kool-Aid Man tears into a talking baby version of himself, who Planters wants to be hyped via #BabyNut, wears off? Maybe, although Baby Yoda is at the center of Star Wars' first live-action series, and Baby Nut is designed to sell peanuts.

Only time will tell. Interestingly, Mr. Peanut's funeral from the commercial that aired may have originally be planned to go differently, as Planters changed its ad campaign late in the game. Baby Nut was probably a lot cheaper to bring to the small screen than Baby Yoda was, but people might not be willing to shell out as much money for a life-size Baby Nut compared to Baby Yoda. For now, weigh in our poll below the settle the question of Baby Yoda vs. Baby Nut!

Which is the better baby?
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