A Woman Stormed The Field At The Super Bowl, Got Arrested And Mooned Everyone

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There’s a lot of action competing for the fans’ attention at any given Super Bowl and Super Bowl LIV was no exception. We got Jennifer Lopez on a stripper pole, we got that crazy Fuller interception near the end of the game, we got The Rock announcing the players before they hit the field, we got Baby Nut and a wild Jason Momoa ad. Oh yeah, and we also got a woman who stormed the field and later mooned a section of the audience before getting arrested.

Instagram model Kelly Green, who goes by Kelly Kay on Instagram, was allegedly the culprit in the incident, as outed by her reported friend Colleen McGinniss on Twitter. The Instagram model currently sports 266 thousand followers on the social media site, but if her running onto the field was a bid to get on live TV, it did not go well. There is, however, video of the incident.

NFL columnist Bob Glauber reported on the news during the big game, noting the woman “flashed” the crowd. The incident happened during the first half of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, which was played in Miami, Florida.

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What really happened is that she mooned the crowd to show off the red thong she was wearing. There’s video of her getting tackled, arrested and mooning as the audience behind her watches. I don’t think it’s any more skin than JLO showed onstage during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but there is mooning at the end, so it's a little NSFW. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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Incidents with women showing off skin in a manner similar to this does happen on occasion. A 2017 Cardinals baseball game at Busch stadium saw a woman flash around 40,000 people on the Jumbotron, after which she was ejected from the game. She was not arrested after that incident.

Three women also flashed the crowd at the 2019 World Series during Game 5 at Nationals Park. In that case, the three women were later formally banned from MLB events. They told TMZ the flashing was to point out double standards between men and women, as men regularly go topless at events.

There’s no word on why the Super Bowl LIV field runner was trying to get on camera at this juncture, but perhaps we’ll learn more in the coming days. As it stands, the video gives some indication of the rowdy crowd present when the incident happened and you can clearly hear one woman saying “she was lingering for way too long," which makes me wonder what the camera didn't catch of her antics on the field.

Alas, the rest of the game went off without incident, and the Kansas City Chiefs ultimately came away with the win: 31-20.

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