Jason Momoa Had The 'Time Of His Life' Filming New Super Bowl LIV Rocket Mortgage Ad

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The Super Bowl has long been the event to watch for quality commercials, and it's looking like the Rocket Mortgage ad with Jason Momoa will go down as one of the best. Folks are going crazy on social media for the bizarre ad, which turned one of Hollywood's heart throbs into someone radically different than many are used to.

Jason Momoa spoke out on social media ahead of the commercial's premiere, and said he had the "time of his life" doing the ad. Those who missed it or just need to watch it again can check out the commercial below, as well as Jason Momoa's thoughts on the experience.

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Give some credit to Rocket Mortgage, it's not often Hollywood casts Jason Momoa to be unattractive. It's not hard to see how a fun-loving guy like him would enjoy doing an ad that puts him through a drastic physical transformation. Or maybe that's just the real him, and Rocket Mortgage just helped Momoa reveal his true self to the world.

Regardless, Twitter is going off about the commercial and the new Jason Momoa. Super Bowl commercials are known for their unexpected nature, but this was something the world truly didn't see coming.

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The hair piece removal was probably the peak element of the ad, though I absolutely love how Rocket Mortgage set it up. Special platform shoes are a common tactic to help give some height to shorter actors, so I assumed this was just Jason Momoa getting real. Obviously once the arms were peeled off, I was a bit more suspicious, and eventually I was in on the joke.

Right now, it feels like the main thing people on the web are feeling is disturbed. Sure, it was a funny and memorable ad, but was it all worth the amount of counseling some will need after seeing such a thing? Seriously, some people are feeling pretty out of sorts by this!

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At about the Super Bowl's halfway point, Jason Momoa's Rocket Mortgage ad was one of the most bizarre commercials of the big game. The night is still young, however, and there's no telling how many more Baby Mr. Peanuts or random ads with Charlie Day promoting Tide that will pop up before the game is over. If nothing else weirder comes though, this could be the commercial that people most remember the next day.

For those who are wondering what's next for the actor, Jason Momoa is currently training for Aquaman 2. Basically, he's doing the opposite of trimming his arms down, so anyone upset by this commercial need only follow him on Instagram to see the beefy DC hero looking his best.

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