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Hulu Live Users Reported Problems Streaming The Super Bowl

Super Bowl LIV NFL
(Image credit: NFL)
(Image credit: NFL)

You can stream a lot of shows on Hulu, including content that is Orville adjacent, but when it came to this year’s Super Bowl, Hulu Live subscribers reported problems streaming the big game. The highly-anticipated annual event saw the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs face-off, and there were also moving ads.

On Twitter, Hulu Live subscribers reported not being able to stream the Super Bowl. It is not currently known how widespread the outages were this year, but, so far, there are only reports from Twitter to go on to confirm the issue. In 2018, though, there was a widespread outage.

Hulu’s live subscribers did not get to see the end of 2018's Super Bowl featuring the Eagles versus the Patriots, per The Verge. The Super Bowl outage did not impact everyone. However, it was enough of a problem for subscribers to take to social media and express their frustration. Fast forward to 2020, and Twitter saw many reports of outages. Check it out:

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Hulu Support on Twitter responded to the Twitter user. The official Hulu account did not indicate if the streamer was aware of a widespread issue streaming 2020’s Super Bowl LIV live, but there was an indication that more than one subscriber was having an issue. Here is what Hulu said:

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Another Twitter user said they were also experiencing problems streaming the Super Bowl on Hulu Live, and asked if others were also experiencing the issue. As of this writing, no one had responded to the tweet. However, it has received one retweet and 12 likes (so far). Check it out:

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Were those who liked and retweeted also experiencing problems streaming the Super Bowl LIV on Hulu Live? Maybe. Another Twitter user expressed their frustration with the outage they were experiencing. They also had an idea for how Hulu could make it right. Check out the tweet below:

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As of this story, Hulu Support has yet to respond to this tweet. For those who were able to watch, Super Bowl LIV featured the halftime performances of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. A woman also stormed the field and mooned everyone before getting arrested. As for the game itself, the Kansas City Chiefs won, scoring 31 to the San Francisco 49ers’ 20 points.

In terms of outages, Hulu is not the only streamer to experience one. Netflix had to apologize for one that struck globally a few months ago, in late November 2019. Of course, there is a difference between an issue occurring for programs that can be watched later as opposed to a live event. Those subscribing cannot get the chance to see everything unfolding live again.

Thankfully, Animal Planet’s annual Puppy Bowl 2020 was an alternative viewing option. But, for those who had planned to watch Super Bowl LIV on Hulu Live, that was obviously not the experience they wanted and time will tell if there's any way for Hulu to make it up to them. What can you watch now that the Super Bowl is over? There are a lot of options arriving this winter and spring.

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