Supernatural Won't Give Sam A 'Rom-Com' Ending In Final Season

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The beloved and long-running Supernatural will be coming to an end with Season 15, and as the show winds closer to its conclusion, questions are simmering. The ultimate fates of Sam, Dean, and Castiel are some of the many aspects that have viewers wondering. While life and death are essential parts of that equation, what about Sam’s relationship with Eileen?

Well, fans should not expect Sam and Eileen to get a rom-com style ending. Depending on how you view the collision of romantic comedies and Supernatural, though, you may consider this news differently. For those hoping to see Sam ride off into the sunset with Eileen, it may not go exactly as envisioned. Supernatural’s showrunner, Andrew Dabb, told TVLine:

I think the Sam/Eileen relationship will evolve, but this isn’t a case where Eileen’s going to end up in the back of the Impala, riding around with the guys. She’s an independent person, Sam’s an independent person…. So I think you’re going to see them reach kind of a status quo that makes both of them happy, but maybe not get a rom-com ending, if that makes sense.

That does make sense! From what I am gathering, Sam and Eileen’s relationship will “evolve,” which is a significant development for those shipping the dynamic between the Supernatural characters. They will, apparently, navigate their way into a mutually satisfying “status quo” during the final season. Whatever their relationship status is at the end of Supernatural, it will not be a straight-up ending in the vein of a romantic comedy.

Considering Supernatural’s primary genre, Sam and Eileen lacking a rom-com ending fits. Jensen Ackles acknowledged that he had “trouble” with the series finale, but it seems doubtful that Sam and Eileen not getting rom-commed had anything to do with that. But, what Supernatural’s showrunner said about Sam and Eileen’s non-rom-com ending falls in line with something else that has been said about how the long-running show concludes.

Misha Collins said that Supernatural will not have a “conventional happily-ever-after ending.” Whatever that means, fans are closer than ever to learning the answer. As long as the song “Come on Eileen!” is somehow incorporated into Sam and Eileen’s final scenes, it should all be okay. Sadly, Sam and Eileen’s story does not have too much longer to evolve.

When it comes to how Supernatural will end, Jared Padalecki has teased a “version of peace” for the Winchesters. He has also shared his hope that Supernatural will end with a sense that Sam’s story will continue after the show ends.

Will fans have the sense that Sam’s story will continue with Eileen at his side? It will be interesting to learn how their story unfolds. Jared Padalecki has said that fans who share his feelings for Supernaturalwill be pleased” with the show’s ending, but where will it leave him and Eileen?

After all that Sam has been through over the past 15 seasons of Supernatural, I think it is understandable that fans want him to find a lasting love with someone. Will the horror series give Sam that romantic piece to his ending puzzle in a way that will please fans? The series finale will certainly tell the tale!

Supernatural will resume its final season on Monday, March 16, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. One of the many shows airing new this winter and spring. You can currently stream Dean and Sam’s past adventures on Netflix, along with many 2020 premieres.

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