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Is The Bachelor’s Hannah Ann Too ‘Confident’ For Peter?

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Mild spoilers ahead for the February 5 episode of The Bachelor on ABC.

ABC delivers a double dose of The Bachelor this week with episodes on both February 3 and February 5, and viewers already saw the explanation for Peter Weber's head injury and witnessed host Chris Harrison roasting Peter's clumsiness. According to an early release regarding the February 5 episode, Peter will be feeling the pressure again, this time due to Hannah Ann Sluss' confidence.

According to Bachelor footage for the next episode (via ET), Peter and Hannah Ann will go on a one-on-one dinner date together. Peter revealed his feelings about getting to connect with Hannah, and he clearly goes into the date feeling optimistic:

I've never met someone like Hannah Ann. And tonight, I'm really excited to connect with her on an emotional level and on a deeper level and see why she does feel like she is ready for this.

So far so good, right? Hannah Ann emerged as an early favorite in Peter's season of The Bachelor, and he clearly hasn't forgotten about her despite all the drama related to ChampagneGate, Alayah Benavidez's presence in the group, and the whole Chase Rice mess. In fact, given that the champagne fiasco was several waves of drama ago, Peter may have forgotten about Hannah Ann's involvement in that particular turn of events.

So, if Peter was excited to connect with Hannah Ann on their one-on-one date, what could have gone wrong? Well, Peter -- perhaps feeling the burn of what happened the last time he put his heart on the line with a Hannah from the south -- decided the time was right to ask Hannah Ann about her previous relationships and her confession that she'd never been in love before.

The 23-year-old Hannah Ann confirmed that she had been in a serious relationship before, and even dated somebody for three and a half years. She just wasn't in love with that person. Peter evidently wasn't satisfied by the response, and this is what happened next:

Peter: Do you 100% feel like this is what you want?Hannah Ann: I am!Peter: How are you so confident that this is what you want?

Not an unreasonable question, in my book, considering this is a show where the endgame is love and marriage! Hannah Ann's response was that she wants this with Peter because she hasn't "found that true love" in the past. Also not unreasonable in my book! She is only 23, after all. She can want to fall in love without having already fallen in love, right?

Peter seemingly wasn't reassured by Hannah Ann's explanation for her confidence, and what happened next is what raises the question of whether Hannah Ann is too confident for him. Looking overwhelmed, Peter said "I can't" and then excused himself, saying he'd be right back. Yes, Peter walked out on his date with Hannah Ann after he couldn't understand why she was so confident that The Bachelor was the way for her to fall in love.

Now, this is only a quick glimpse of the episode, so it's possible Peter just popped out for a quick breather and pep talk from Chris Harrison before returning to Hannah Ann in a couple of minutes. Still, is it a good sign that Peter needs to excuse himself from a perfectly calm one-on-one date conversation? Can their relationship last if he doesn't feel confident about her confidence? He has named other frontrunners than Hannah Ann before.

See how the full date goes down in the special Wednesday episode of The Bachelor, airing February 5 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The show will then return to its normal Monday night at 8 p.m. ET time slot.

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