Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet Wrote A Touching Goodbye To Fizbo The Clown

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Modern Family is steadily approaching its series finale after eleven seasons, and the show has slowly but surely said some goodbyes and set up some futures. Eric Stonestreet, who has played Cam from the very beginning, revealed that the February 12 episode of Modern Family will feature a farewell to none other than Fizbo the clown. Far from showing bitterness that his clown alter ego will appear for the last time months ahead of the series finale, Stonestreet shared a touching goodbye to Fizbo.

In a February 11 tweet that has already accumulated more than 1500 likes at the time of writing, Eric Stonestreet opened his farewell by saying this:

From as far back as I can remember, all I ever wanted to be was a clown in the circus. My dad named be Fizbo, my grandma made all my clown suits, and my parents allowed me to be the kid that raised pigs, played drums, took karate, payed football, AND put makeup and wigs on from time to time. All of that let to the moment in 2009 when two writers, Brad Walsh and Paul Corrigan wrote a draft of Modern Family called, 'Fizbo' and you were introduced to Fizbo the ass kicking clown that will twist you like a balloon animal.

Eric Stonestreet's Cam didn't just randomly become Fizbo way back when he unveiled his clownish side in Season 1. It was a lifelong dream of Stonestreet to be a circus clown, and Modern Family gave him a platform that reached far more people than a stint in the circus ever would have. Writers Brad Walsh and Paul Corrigan even gave the Modern Family clown the same name as Stonestreet used as a kid.

As a child, did Eric Stonestreet also dream of starring in a sitcom for well over a decade as a husband and father in one branch of a somewhat dysfunctional family tree? Almost certainly not, but he comes across as nothing but grateful for his time on the show and the Fizbo opportunity he got on top of everything else. Given that Fizbo debuted back in Season 1, perhaps Stonestreet's clown alter ego is partially responsible for Modern Family's success!

Eric Stonestreet elaborated on Modern Family saying goodbye to Fizbo in the February 12 episode:

Tomorrow, you'll see Fizbo one last time. I think Grandma Louise would be proud that her little clown made it all the way from Kansas City Ks to the streets of Paris, France. When you met Fizbo 11 years ago, Cam said, 'Hello old friend.' Tomorrow, I get to say goodbye old friend. Thank you Modern Family for allowing me to fulfill my dream of being a clown in the biggest circus of them all. Hollywood.

Somehow, Eric Stonestreet's touching goodbye to Fizbo's time on Modern Family really makes the upcoming end of the series feel all the more real to me. That's not to say that Modern Family's last showcase of Cam as a clown will be a somber affair, since the character may not give up playing Fizbo in-universe, even if the show is over.

Either way, Eric Stonestreet also shared some images that illustrate his journey as Fizbo and what it has meant to him over the years:

So, what exactly is in store for Cam's final appearance as Fizbo on Modern Family? The February 12 episode is called "Paris" and will see the family head to France so Jay can accept a lifetime achievement award for his many years of work in the closet industry. Claire will have "a secret rendezvous in one of the most romantic cities in the world," according to the episode description, but the trailer for the episode indicates that she won't exactly be having an illicit affair with a Parisian.

As for Cam, his lifelong dream of performing as Fizbo on the streets of Paris becomes a reality. This Modern Family episode airs Wednesday, February 12 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC, shortly followed by former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron's return to ABC on Single Parents. For some more upcoming viewing options, check out our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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