Bachelor Fans Are Freaking Out At Tyler Cameron’s Unexpected ABC Return

Tyler Cameron had a lot of fans rooting for a happily-ever-after with Hannah Brown during her season as leading lady of The Bachelorette, and their love story seemingly had a second chance at the end of the season. Now, The Bachelor viewers during the February 10 broadcast were surprised to see Tyler's return to ABC coming sooner rather than later. It won't be on The Bachelor or Bachelorette or even Bachelor in Paradise, though; Tyler is coming to Single Parents.

Yes, Tyler Cameron is coming to scripted TV as a guest star on the February 12 episode of ABC's Single Parents sitcom. Although his appearance was revealed when the episode description hit the web, there was no confirmation of what role he would play. The trailer didn't give away any details other than that his character's name is Danny, but it looks like Leighton Meester's Angie will join legions of Bachelor Nation fans in swooning over Tyler.

ABC choosing to release footage of Tyler on Single Parents during a Bachelor broadcast guaranteed that Bachelor Nation fans would have a hook to potentially check out a sitcom, but it also somewhat distracted from Peter Weber's messy search for love. While Peter was dealing with the aftermath of his golf cart injury and facing the prospect of narrowing his final 6 down to a final 4, Tyler was being hyped as an actual actor on another ABC show. I know which I'm more excited about, and it's not the guy with the head wound!

I'm not the only one excited to see a new side of Tyler Cameron on ABC, as Bachelor Nation fans were immediately freaking out on Twitter at the surprise reveal.

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I think it's safe to say that this person on Twitter doesn't make a habit of reading ABC episode descriptions! The sudden appearance of Tyler Cameron in the promo for Single Parents undoubtedly came as a surprise to many, not least because Tyler isn't exactly known as an actor. Will he actually be a decent actor, or was his performance just passable enough for ABC to want to use him to try and pull Bachelor Nation viewers to Single Parents?

That remains to be seen, but another Bachelor viewers has a bold opinion about how the Tyler Cameron reveal compares to Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor:

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Tyler Cameron's appearance on Single Parents definitely has him looking genuinely happier than Peter Weber has looked throughout most of his season of The Bachelor, and Tyler didn't make out with all the women on Single Parents in the trailer, so there really may not be much comparison.

Another person on Twitter was more at a loss for words than making comparisons between Tyler Cameron and Peter Weber:

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It certainly is happening! Even though Tyler didn't have the best luck with winning Hannah Brown's heart as her initial first choice, he has landed on his feet, and not just because he got to go out with Gigi Hadid!

For somebody else, Tyler Cameron's unexpected appearance in the Single Parents promo was a safety hazard:

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Fortunately, that person didn't choke so hard on their dinner that they won't live to see Tyler Cameron on Single Parents (or tweet about it)!

This next person really seems to sum up the general feelings of Bachelor Nation about Tyler Cameron jumping from a reality-TV search for love to scripted comedy:

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Tyler Cameron's episode of Single Parents airs on Wednesday, February 12 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. Called "Chez Second Grade," the episode will be Valentine's Day-themed and see Will and Angie reunited to help run the student-parent dinner, where the youngsters are serving questionable meals. When Big Red rolls back into town, Douglas worries about how Poppy reacts. Tune in to find out how Tyler's Danny fits into the situation!

You can also catch new episodes of The Bachelor on ABC at 8 p.m. ET on Mondays. For some more viewing options, check out our 2020 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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