Fired NBC Hockey Commentator Is 'Very Disappointed And Angry' He's Not Returning

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Back in December 2019, former NHL player Jeremy Roenick faced an impromptu suspension from NBC Sports concerning his job as commentator and analyst. A little over six weeks later, the network dropped the bomb that Roenick was officially fired and wouldn't be welcomed back to talk out any future hockey coverage. To be expected, Roenick wasn't exactly jumping for joy at the announcement.

Soon after news of his firing made the rounds, Jeremy Roenick took to social media to express his feelings about the issue. Here's what Roenick said in the video, which was captioned "What a Joke!!"

I'm very disappointed and angry today. I will not be returning to NBC. And though disappointed, I'm also grateful that I've had the opportunity to share my love, my passion, and my knowledge of the game with millions of people, millions of fans. And for that, I thank you. Even though I'm leaving NBC, I will not be gone for long. I'll be better and more motivated to bring you the best entertainment and the best that I have for the game of hockey.

Jeremy Roenick is clearly upset that he lost such a solid gig at NBC Sports, but maintained his composure in the video and refrained from pointing fingers or attempting to defend himself from the actions that got him suspended in the first place. It's possible he already has another career path in the works, though it's easy to imagine he was holding out hopes that NBC execs would opt for a far less harsh punishment. Now that things have been finalized, though, he's clearly free to pursue whatever he'd like outside the NBCUniversal umbrella.

The issue now, of course, is how other networks and online outlets will perceive Jeremy Roenick in the aftermath of his NBC firing. His final sentiments in his Twitter video indicate there are enough fans out there that stuck with him through the process.

I've seen all the support. I've read all the support. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's overwhelming. For that, I can't wait to see you soon.

The inciting incident happened in December when Jeremy Roenick appeared on the podcast Spittin' Chiclets and made several jokingly salacious comments about having a threesome with family friend and his then-colleague, NBC Sports analyst Kathryn Tappen; other comments were also made about Tappen's looks.

After the podcast's release, social media jumped on those comments, and NBC Sports publicly suspended Jeremy Roenick for them. The former NHL great came out afterward and apologized for his comments, giving Kathryn Tapper professional praise and honor. However, his actions apparently did little to sway his bosses away from their decision to let him go.

It's unclear what will happen now with Jeremy Roenick's career, but there are quite a few places for him to start looking. There's always ESPN and its many sports options, though execs at Disney might not be so comfortable embracing anyone under these specific circumstances. Fox Sports is also growing at a fast clip, so that might be a welcome destination for Roenick. Of course, the Internet has allowed for a plethora of sports-related brands to gain ground over the years, so perhaps one of those options will be his best bet.

Stay tuned to see where Jeremy Roenick will end up next. And for anyone needing updates on when all the best new and returning TV shows will be on the way, head to our Winter and Spring TV premiere schedule.

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