Monday Night Football Analyst Draws Penis On Live TV, Quickly Gets Rid Of It

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For so many years now, nothing on TV has brought in bigger audiences than NFL games, and while ESPN's Monday Night Football doesn't see the same-sized crowds as network broadcasts, their viewership dwarfs everything else nearly every week. As such, a MNF telecast is not exactly the most ideal place to unwittingly sketch out a penis and testicles on the telestrator, and yet analyst Booger McFarland did exactly that in the middle of the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints.

To set the scene, all you have to know is that Monday Night Football hadn't even gotten near its mid-point, and the ever-boisterous Booger McFarland had already cemented his most viral moment of the game. By trying to pinpoint a particular gap in the Colts' defensive coverage, McFarland went ahead and filled the gap with some illustrated genitalia before quickly erasing it. Check out the hilariously unpre-dick-table moment below.

It's like Coach always said, "The most important part of the game isn't who wins or who loses. It's just about trying to avoid running into the giant yellow dong and balls in the opposing team's red zone." Everyone else got that advice, too, right? Nobody?

As amusing as it is to see the accidental genitalia in still form, with the "A" in the Saints' end zone serving as a fancy party hat, it's just as funny to see and hear McFarland's reaction. Or, rather, the complete lack of one. It's easy to imagine that someone in the room ran over in agonizing slo-mo to stop him from completing the drawing, given how immediately it's removed.

The silence that follows, also, is really short, but it's deep enough that a dropped pin would just keep falling. Go back and listen again. You can bury bodies in that silence.

For anyone who has followed Booger McFarland's relatively short career so far as an on-air personality, most recently bolstered by his time as a Monday Night Football analyst, you know he has a particular way with words that earns a lot of irony-soaked hilarity. His meme-worthy phrasings are often coupled with notoriously wrong play predictions, and now he's making a case for himself to become a permanent celebrity contestant on whatever Win, Lose or Draw reboot is coming at some point.

As the above post can attest, anyone who doesn't watch Monday Night Football can still join in on the fun by hitting up Twitter, where Booger McFarland's antics are routinely documented both in text and in video formats. Below was a particularly snort-worthy moment during a recent Los Angeles Chargers game.

Booger McFarland, who was part of multiple Super Bowl teams before jumping into the analyst side of the game, definitely isn't everyone's cup of tea – which is basically the case for anyone who has ever provided commentary on Monday Night Football – but it's hard to argue that he gets people talking in one way or another. Maybe if the producers could just advise him to only draw straight lines from now on...

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There are two games left in the NFL's regular season, so be sure to watch Monday Night Football's next two telecasts on ESPN at 8:15 p.m. ET.

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