Deadpool 3 Will Still Be The R-rated Character We Know And Love At Disney, Reassure Writers

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2 scene

A month ago, Ryan Reynolds noted that he is working with Marvel Studios on the upcoming Deadpool 3, which would be the third movie starring the titular character after his 2016 and 2018 outings. It would also be the first actually set up with Marvel Studios and not Fox, leading to questions about whether or not Deadpool 3 would be R-rated. According to the Deadpool writers, the answer is a strong yes.

There’s a lot of really cool stuff that can now happen thanks to Disney buying Twentieth Century Fox a while back. CinemaBlend has written extensively about the pros of the joint venture between the House of Mouse and the studio that was formerly Fox. However, one of the cons is that some projects have been put on hold and others have been canceled completely.

Thus, hearing Ryan Reynolds confirm that Deadpool 3 was being worked on was excellent news. Yet, a watered down, PG-13 Deadpool who fits in the MCU is probably not what anyone reading this article is looking for and, according to Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Deadpool should remain as foul-mouthed as ever. As they told Screenrant:

Absolutely, because I don't think it'll be under the Disney banner. Like, I don't think when you go to Deadpool 3, there's going to be a Magic Castle that appears. I think it's going to be under the Fox banner, so yes.

Now, it’s worth pointing out a couple of things here. First, although they wrote the first two Deadpool-oriented movies, it’s worth pointing out Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have not been announced for Deadpool 3, as the movie is still in the early stages, so it's unclear how much info the two writers have. In addition, Fox isn’t even a banner anymore. Recently, Disney announced it would be dropping Fox from its brands, meaning Fox Searchlight is now just Searchlight and Twentieth Century Fox Studios is now just 20th Century Studios. Less catchy, but it makes sense from a brand perspective.

Still, this comment squares with what Disney head honcho Bob Iger said previously about continuing in the business of making R-rated movies when it makes sense for the company. Look, Disney has always released some R-rated movies, but the reason Deadpool gets a little weird and convoluted is because MCU movies have always been PG-13. The Marvel movies that have been R-rated have been housed at Fox, where Logan and Deadpool were produced. Tonally, Deadpool is not a character that fits in and there are lots of questions about other X-Men characters and how they could fit in the MCU, including the long-gestating Gambit project.

Ultimately, everything is a little in the air at this point, but it is telling that Ryan Reynolds met with Disney and has seemingly played ball and been on board with moving forward with another movie, which is an encouraging sign. (OK, he has joked about the merger a little.)  We know Reynolds is heavily involved with the Deadpool movies, and he probably wouldn’t be keen to move forward with Deadpool 3 if he didn’t think it made sense for his character.

Obviously, we'll keep you posted if any more news related to the movie breaks and keep an eye on what's going on with Marvel here at CinemaBlend in the meantime.

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