Ex-Bachelorette Bad Boy Chad Johnson Arrested In Domestic Dispute

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Chad Johnson has made a name for himself in the Bachelor universe from being one of the most chaotic bad boys the franchise has seen. Now, it's possible that Johnson's antics as shown on-screen have bled out into the real world, because the reality star was arrested for domestic violence. Johnson was taken into custody by the LAPD on Monday evening after a reported argument with his girlfriend Annalise Mishler got heated.

While Chad Johnson was taken into custody on Monday, reported info on the story so far alleges that Johnson was at Annalise Mishler's apartment on Sunday, as well. According to TMZ, Mishler told authorities that Johnson was drunk at her home, got physical with her, and punched a hole in a wall. Mishler shared pictures of the hole on her social media, though at the time of this writing those pictures have been removed from Instagram. Johnson has reportedly been booked on felony charges of domestic violence and robbery.

While the pictures of the hole or video of Chad Johnson allegedly screaming at Annalise Mishler are no longer online, Johnson has released comments on both. Johnson did an interview with TooFab prior to his arrest, adding to the story that he had relapsed with alcohol, and didn't remember the things that happened with Mishler.

I had a little relapse... well I wouldn't call it a little relapse. Big relapse. I've been so stressed man, just sitting in my car crying sometimes, just losing my mind. And to top it all off, the one person I'm closest to doesn't get me a lot of times. I just lost it. I don't remember actually seeing her, I drank to the point where I didn't even know I was with her. I just gotta take the Instagram Story's word that I was there.

The alleged behavior of Chad Johnson is alarming, and similar to the types of things that were seen when he was on The Bachelorette Season 12 (Jojo's season) and Bachelor In Paradise Season 3. Johnson was often combative with other contestants (which is a no-no) and, at one point, cut his knuckles punching an object. Though Johnson did say he'd take the Instagram Story's word for what happened, he did refute the claims that he had gotten physical with Annalise Mishler.

Chad Johnson was originally scheduled to participate in an upcoming charity event called "Battle of the Bachelors." In the event, Johnson was set to square off in a boxing match with another Bachelor alum, but didn't yet have an opponent scheduled for him to go up against. Given his recent legal troubles, it is unknown whether or not he will still be a part of the event.

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