Lethal Weapon's Seann William Scott Already Set For A New TV Show

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Lethal Weapon went through some significant changes in between Season 2 and Season 3, with Seann William Scott  getting brought in to replace Damon Wayans's exiting co-star, Clayne Crawford. Scott ended up joining the show as a new character and not a recast, but after only one season on the show (which was Lethal Weapon’s third overall), Fox cancelled Lethal Weapon. Fast forward nine months, and Scott has signed on for a new TV show.

Though he may have left Lethal Weapon's madcap capers behind, Seann William Scott has already signed on for a new project being developed for Fox. It will be a U.S. remake of the UK comedy This Country. Keep in mind, though, that This Country is only in the pilot stages at this point, and isn't guaranteed a series order to join Fox's primetime schedule.

This Country features a mockumentary-style premise (think The Office) that chronicles the lives of two cousins living in a small town. Kelly and Shrub are the names of said cousins, though Seann William Scott will not be playing either one of them. The American Pie franchise vet has instead signed on to star as Minneapolis native, Father Joe, according to TVLine.

Though not a priest, Seann William Scott's Father Joe is described as a “community leader” who serves as a “father figure” to Kelly and Shrub. Father Joe is going to need the patience of many people to deal with the cousins, whose antics will constantly test his. Despite the challenge, Scott’s This Country character will be determined to maintain his optimism and keep his role model status in check. Stay strong, Father Joe!

Considering Seann William Scott’s comic timing (which is incredible, in my opinion), a TV comedy is an excellent fit. Fox likes its laughs, with hit sitcom Last Man Standing winning over audiences more than the network's other comedies. That said, This Country's single-camera approach would be a departure from the Tim Allen starrer, which is filmed before audiences.

Here's hoping Fox will end up having some big laughs once the pilot is done. Helping bolster This Country's chances is Bridesmaids and Last Christmas director, Paul Feig, stepping behind the camera to direct and executive produce it. Feig was also behind one of the biggest cult TV shows of the modern era, Freaks & Geeks, which launched plenty of careers. It'll be great to see how well he works with a pro like Seann William Scott.

The actor came on to Lethal Weapon when it was two seasons in, and only after a tumultuous situation led to his introduction. If the pilot for This Country gets picked up, Seann William Scott could be in from the beginning. That said, it is unfortunate for fans that Lethal Weapon was not able to come back for another season to resolve that Season 3 finale twist.

The good news is that Sean William Scott is putting himself in a position to potentially return to television. It is nice to know that Scott is still on Fox’s radar. So, even if not in this comedy, maybe there's something else at the network with his name on it.

Personally speaking, it seems possible. I think Seann William Scott has a lot of talent as an actor. So, it would be nice to see him on a television show in the long-term. He has spent most of his career on the silver screen. Based on him joining the pilot for This Country, though, it seems he has not ruled out television for his career's future.

Since it is a pilot, it will be a while before news arrives for This Country. While you wait to see if Seann William Scott will return to television with the sitcom, this winter and spring’s premieres await!

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