Chicago P.D.'s Crossover With Chicago Fire Almost Ended Very Differently

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Chicago P.D. had its massive crossover with Chicago Fire, and the results were a ratings hit. How it ended could have gone much differently, though. For reference, the much-anticipated event included Brian Geraghty returning to reprise his role as Sean Roman. His life was turned upside-down in the crossover by the death of his sister, Sarah.

In avenging her, Roman killed the man he held responsible for her death – her drug dealer boyfriend, Logan Peters. What happened to Roman? The crossover ended without him arrested for his crime. Henry “Hank” Voight opted to let Roman go after hearing his eulogy at his sister’s funeral. Chicago P.D.’s showrunner, Rick Eid, revealed the crossover almost ended much differently for Roman, telling TV Guide:

We considered having Voight arrest him at the end, and then we thought about him not arresting him at the end, and then we thought about what would he really do? Then, based on the eulogy and where Roman speaks about there's no such thing as absolution and you carry around with you what you've done forever... I think, in Voight's mind, that was enough of a penalty or a punishment for what he did, and that was the thing that sort of pushed him to not arresting him.

Chicago P.D. tried on a lot of different endings for the crossover before ultimately deciding to let Roman go free. Or at least, in the sense that he is not behind bars. It sounds like Roman is now in an emotional prison of his own making, burdened by the guilt he feels for everything that happened.

The ending the Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire crossover ultimately chose definitely makes it possible for Brian Geraghty to return as Sean Roman without being in prison attire. Even though the actor said he has closure after leaving Chicago P.D. this time around. Television has a way of bringing people back! Just look at his return for the crossover.

Chicago P.D.’s showrunner explained that he explored what Voight would truly do to ultimately decide Roman’s fate. In the end, the decision was made that Roman's eulogy would sway Voight into not arresting him. Of course, the ending could have taken that out of Voight’s hands by having Roman confess before the crossover ended. Instead, it seems he is off the hook.

When you contemplate Voight’s track record, you see where Chicago P.D.’s showrunner was coming from. At this point, would it have almost been out of character for Voight to arrest Roman?

Voight deemed the investigation into Logan Peters’ demise as no longer being a top priority for investigators. There is always a chance that something could lead to Roman’s responsibility coming to light on Chicago P.D. sometime down the line. Roman’s former partner/love interest, Kim Burgess, and Voight both know he is guilty.

For now, though, Roman is free and away from Chicago after settling things up with his former partner and romantic flame, Burgess. Fans will recall that pairing was broken up when he left the show and moved to San Diego in Season 3.

Will Burgess and Adam Ruzek eventually find their way back together after that breakthrough? Stay tuned to Chicago P.D. For now, Roman is out of the picture again. If the show had gone with the ending of having Roman locked up, he would have been in Chicago indefinitely.

Find out how Roman’s non-arrest trickles through new episodes of Chicago P.D. when they air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. The procedural is one of the many shows airing throughout this winter and spring.

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