How NCIS: New Orleans' New Star Feels About Replacing LaSalle After Lucas Black's Exit

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NCIS: New Orleans shocked the world when it killed off Agent Christopher LaSalle, but now that the dust has settled on that story, it's time for the team to bring in another agent. That replacement will arrive in the form of Quentin Carter, who will join the procedural via actor Charles Michael Davis. As a newcomer to the series and replacement for actor Lucas Black, how does Carter feel about joining the CBS show?

Perhaps surprisingly, he's feeling pretty chill. Charles Michael Davis spoke with TV Insider about joining NCIS: New Orleans following Lucas Black's departure, and noted that while he is the latest star to join the series and replace Black, what he's doing is very different than his predecessor.

It's not intimidating; it is part of the situation that I'm stepping into. The way I see it, we're two different actors, two different kinds of people, two different personalities. I'm not looking to do anything Lucas did or fill that gap for the audience. I'm looking to occupy my own space in this NCIS world. My character's transferring in, everybody's getting to know him – and I'm transferring in.

Quentin Carter's entry into NCIS: New Orleans may not be the easiest one, at least judging by the episode synopsis for "The Man In The Red Suit." Carter's transfer was made at Pride's request, but he'll step onto the team with Pride off elsewhere on a solo mission. It's a bit of a baptism by fire for Carter, though I think it's safe to say the ex-Marine will find his legs with the task force sooner than later.

Charles Michael Davis isn't worried about stepping in for Lucas Black, but is the same true for Quentin Carter stepping in for Christopher LaSalle? Davis spoke to TVLine about his character's head space coming into the show, and the two are on the same page when it comes to LaSalle.

No, there’s no burden from that. I think Carter has his own standards, so it isn’t about necessarily fitting in with the team as far as being liked, or chemistry, or group dynamics. He’s there to set a high standard — that’s first and foremost, to protect and serve and not, like, get along well with your colleagues and make friends. For him it’s about doing his job very, very well.

Quentin Carter sounds like a low-drama guy coming to NCIS: New Orleans, which is rarely a bad thing in most situations. All signs so far point to his entry being an overall positive to the team, even if Pride isn't in town to roll out the red carpet.

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