Bachelor Spoilers: Is Hannah Ann Sluss' Big Move A Hint Peter Weber Picks Her Or Not?

The Bachelor 2020 Hannah Ann Sluss during overnight dates ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

Just when I thought The Bachelor 2020 was down to Will Madison Prewett Take Peter Weber Back Or Have The Sense Not To, here's Hannah Ann Sluss popping in to remind us she might be stuck with Windmill Pete herself.

Since The Bachelor Season 24's final rose ceremony took place in mid-November 2019, we've known from spoilers that 1) Bachelor Peter's final two are Madison and Hannah Ann, 2) Peter did not have a "normal" ending or get engaged that day.

What happened? There's still a lot of speculation, but some of the blanks have been filled in. For one thing, Reality Steve recently revealed that Madison quits the show sometime during finale week, after the overnight dates we'll see this Monday, February 24, 2020, and also after "The Women Tell All" special we'll see March 2.

Madison quitting appears to throw a wrench in Peter's plans, and would fit with the theories that Peter's mom is crying to Peter about bringing Madison home. Maybe Peter has an abnormal ending because he wanted to pick Madison before she quit, and maybe the ending is still "live" up until the "After the Final Rose" special because Peter and Madison are still trying to figure things out off the show? Madison was recently spotted filming something with The Bachelor team, and that was reportedly NOT for The Bachelorette.

Add to that, Reality Steve even said he thought Bachelor Peter and Madison were together now -- dating, but not engaged. However, he was careful never to confirm that because he didn't have all of the information. It was always possible that Hannah Ann -- whom Jimmy Kimmel "predicted" Peter would pick -- is indeed who Peter is with right now.

Everything about Madison could still fit when it comes to Peter's pre-taped season finale -- what if Peter ended the show early because he wanted to pick Madison, but in the real world he connected with Hannah Ann and now they are together? Pure speculation. Wouldn't explain what Madison was just filming, but that could be explained in other ways.

The reason this is coming up now is because Hannah Ann just made it clear she's moving to L.A. Yes, the Tennessee native is moving very close to where Bachelor Peter lives.

Granted, it's where a lot of other people live too, since L.A. is the entertainment capital of the country. Plus, Hannah Ann is a commercial model. She was already friends with The Bachelor 2019 finalist Hannah Godwin, a fellow model, and Hannah G. is how Hannah Ann got into Bachelor Nation. This whole "process" worked just fine for Hannah G., who got engaged during Bachelor in Paradise 2019, so if Peter and Hannah Ann are NOT together right now, and Hannah Ann does NOT become The Bachelorette 2020 -- which is still possible -- then I fully expect to see her on Bachelor in Paradise 2020.

At any rate, here's the exchange Hannah Godwin and Hannah Ann Sluss had in Sluss' Instagram comments, noting that Hannah Ann will be living near Hannah G. in L.A. in just a couple of weeks -- which is also when The Bachelor 2020 will finish airing on ABC:

Hannah Ann Sluss on Instagram

Reality Steve confirmed that he had been hearing for a while that Hannah Ann was moving to L.A. but he didn't have confirmation on it meaning anything to do with Bachelor Peter.

The Bachelor 2020 airs overnight/fantasy suite dates this Monday, then "The Women Tell All" special on March 2, then the two-night finale should air March 9-10. That's two weeks from now, so it sounds like Hannah Ann Sluss is timing her move for the end of The Bachelor. Why?

Is it because she's moving closer to Bachelor Peter Weber, who already lives near the Bachelor Mansion? Is it because she wants to be closer to the Bachelor mansion herself as Bachelorette? Is it because she wants to maximize entertainment industry opportunities because she's a model who just got a ton of TV time? Two out of those three could be true, but not all three at the same time.

At the moment, possibilities for Hannah Ann are pretty endless. She was already mentioned as a possible Bachelorette candidate, but she was also the first one to catch Peter's eye as the first impression rose winner. She seems to be close to Victoria F. in the real world, which could be a hint if Victoria F. and Peter don't end on good terms. (Not that V & P ever seem to be on good terms.) Victoria F. and Hannah Ann may bond during the overnight dates week, since all three girls are sharing a room together (which The Bachelor does NOT usually do) and it sounds like virgin Madison gets upset at hearing the other two girls had sex with Windmill Pete.

Since nothing is confirmed yet, what do you HOPE happens -- not only at the final rose ceremony which was taped in November and will air in early March, but at the live "After the Final Rose" special? Do you hope Peter ultimately ends up with Madison or Hannah Ann? Apparently all other women (including Hannah Brown) are not options.

The Bachelor 2020 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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