Bachelor Spoilers: Internet Sleuths Have Already Solved A Big Peter Mystery From The Finale

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Alright, Bachelor Nation! We are getting down to the wire in Peter Weber's search for love on his season of The Bachelor, which means that an already intense situation is about to get even intenser! (Of course that's not a word, but I think it fits here, considering how nutty this season has been.) We've been teased all season long that Peter won't have a normal ending to his season, and now it looks like a dedicated team of Bachelor fans has cracked open one of the big secrets from his last few weeks as our rose-giver du jour.

As you probably know, Peter has just found out that Madison, who is one of three ladies he's currently in love with, is a virgin who's been saving herself for marriage, and he had to tell her that he went ahead and bopped at least one other woman during fantasy suites week. Madi wasn't happy, and if the next promo is to be believed, it looks like she might stay true to her word and dump Peter for his wayward sexytimes, when she'd made it clear beforehand that she might not be able to handle it.

The commercial for the Women Tell All episode shows Peter seemingly waiting for Madi to get to the post-fantasy suite dates rose ceremony, and then he shows up at someone's home and says to a person at the door, "I’m so sorry...from the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry. I swear to god I never, ever envisioned this." Obviously, we all want desperately to know who the hell Peter is talking to, and a piece of that puzzle is where this house we've never seen before is located and who owns it. Well, thanks to BachSleuthers, we might have some answers. Take a look:

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OK, what you see here is, apparently, an image of the home that Peter shows up to in the latest promo. Fans took the time to search Airbnb listings, and managed to locate the house, which is in California. We all know that Madi isn't from California, so this suggests that producers helped Peter talk to her at whatever hideout they'd devised for her until the season finished airing. Assuming, of course, that he needed to talk to Madi (most likely), and not Hannah Ann (very minor chance) or Victoria (please...NO).

The Women Tell All promo that shows Peter heading to this house also features the now-infamous clip of Peter's sobbing mother telling him, "bring her home to us!" and we've all been wondering who could have gotten this lovely women so riled up. The best choice would be, you guessed it, Madison, because she's already met his family once, on their first one-on-one date, and Peter will take his final two ladies to meet the folks. This seems to mean that Madi will get to bond with his mom again, after finally showing up for that rose ceremony, which will lead to Mama Weber's plea for Peter to go get her.

Wow. I'm still pretty new to all this Bachelor Nation stuff, but there seem to be a lot of layers to the action on this season that fans never saw before, right?

We can all see who Peter was talking to (I hope), when The Bachelor continues, Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. If you need a Bachelor Nation break (admit it, you know it's true), you can see what else is on the small screen right now with our 2020 premiere guide!

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