Bachelor Spoilers: Did Peter's Mom Pressure Him To Propose To Hannah Ann?

The Bachelor 2020 Peter Weber's mother Barbara cries don't let her go, bring her home ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

The "Bring Her Home" mystery is solved in The Bachelor 2020 finale on ABC. But the new spoilers on that front beg a new question: Did Peter Weber's mother Barbara affect his decision when it comes to proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss? "Don't let her go" may not have been the best advice on that front.

Bachelor Peter Weber's journey finally ends tonight, Monday, March 9, and tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Reality Steve has not had the best spoilers this season, which has made the journey much more fun and intriguing -- but also confusing, maddening, and untrustworthy. So ... perfect for Peter's season!

One thing has stayed fairly consistent, though: Bachelor Peter is said to currently be dating Madison Prewett but they are not engaged. That's after the news that Madison quits before the final rose ceremony.

We thought Bachelor Peter's final rose ceremony did not end with a proposal -- and maybe even didn't happen at all, ala Bachelor Colton Underwood last year when Cassie Randolph quit. That was supposedly part of why Bachelor Peter did not have a "normal ending," something Reality Steve has said since mid-November. But in a last-minute spoilers change, that appears to not be the case at all.

That's where Hannah Ann comes in and if everything plays out as currently advertised, I wonder if it would've been less painful to just let her go before handing her the final rose.

Reality Steve's spoilers changed on the Monday, March 9, 2020 finale day itself, including four big updates related to Hannah Ann:

1) Peter's mother was talking about Hannah Ann with her tearful "don't let her go ... that's what love stories are made of" speech. Peter's family actually took a side on Madison vs. Hannah Ann -- not all families do that in the end -- and they saw Hannah Ann as a better match for him, per the March 9 updated spoilers. As Steve noted, Peter's focus was on Madison at that point, which was why he looked so miserable in that discussion with his mother. That's why I'm wondering if that tearful speech from Barbara influenced Peter's decision in what happened later.

2) Chris Harrison's mysterious last-minute news to Peter Weber is reportedly about Hannah Ann considering leaving the show. Apparently Hannah Ann also had some last-minute fears and almost pulled a Madison and quit. I don't even know what to say about that. I'm writing this before seeing the episode, so I hope she wasn't seriously thinking of quitting. If so, wow, what a commentary on Bachelor Peter.

3) Peter still had a final rose ceremony in mid-November 2019 and proposed to Hannah Ann. Even after Madison quit and Hannah Ann had her own doubts, Peter reportedly still proposed and Hannah Ann reportedly accepted.

4) Peter and Hannah Ann broke up at some point after the engagement, and that's the "I'm so sorry..." scene Peter taped in Los Angeles at one of the Bachelor safe houses. Apparently one major reason for the breakup was so Peter could pursue Madison -- and Madison was shown filming something with Bachelor producers in her home state of Alabama in early February 2020. I have to assume we'll see both Peter dump Hannah Ann and whatever Madison taped after the show during Tuesday's "After the Final Rose" episode.

At this point, it sounds like Peter and Madison are still together, but maybe not ready for a live proposal on Tuesday's live episode. I guess we'll see. I don't see how or why she would accept a proposal after Peter not only slept with other bachelorettes -- which openly upset Madison -- but he also reportedly proposed to one right after she left. Red Flag Nation!

I can't help but feel for Hannah Ann through all of this. Talk about getting the shaft. I have no idea why she would stick around and accept Bachelor Peter's proposal, if she knew by then that Madison was gone and there was a decent chance she was The Only Option. But really, I don't understand why Peter would propose to her if he knew she was having doubts and it was clear he was having doubts too. If Clare Crawley weren't already locked in as The Bachelorette 2020, it sounds like Hannah Ann could've made a good pick.

Back to Peter's mother, though. Obviously Peter's decisions are his own, but if his beloved mother made such a tearful pitch for Hannah Ann, you have to imagine that informed his decision to not just leave the show single after Madison left. "Pressure" may be a strong word, but I can imagine his family indulging the idea that Madison leaving was a sign that Hannah Ann was The One. Besides, Peter did say he fell in love with both Madison and Hannah Ann, complaining that the show might work TOO well.

But based on this new info, it sounds like maybe Justin Bieber DID confirm the ending, Jimmy Kimmel may have been right at the time he made his Hannah Ann prediction, but Tiffany Haddish was even more right to read Peter Weber's expression. Well done, Tiffany. Or maybe it's premature to celebrate, since I'm writing this Monday afternoon and not only could the spoilers still be wonky, the live "After the Final Rose" episode may be as mysterious as teased. Peter may not know how this ends because he needs to hear it from Madison herself...

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