Updated Bachelor Spoilers: We Might Finally Know How Peter Weber's 2020 Season Ends

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Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD for the Season 24 finale of The Bachelor, a.k.a. Peter Weber's Season 24!

Oh. My. GOODNESS. It has been a long road Bachelor Nation, but the finale for Peter Weber's Season 24 of The Bachelor is now upon us! We've been teased all season long that Peter "won't have a normal ending" and his story will change "until the very last second," so we have been in the dark on whether or not he chooses Hannah Ann Sluss or Madison Prewett in the finale and how it all goes down. Well, we might finally, finally, have all the answers we so desire, thanks, of course, to spoilers.

All of this updated info comes from Reality Steve, who's spent the last few days getting conflicting information on the finale from two different camps, and has been working overtime to piece together what was actually just rumors and what was really going to happen. So, let's start with the details that have changed from the spoilers he'd previously given.

One of the big questions of the season, because of those maddening and thrilling promos, was whether or not Peter would end the season engaged. Last Thursday, Reality Steve said that Peter was going to cancel his final rose ceremony so that he could go talk to Madison, who'd already changed her mind and dumped him, leaving the show. But, he's hearing now that that was not actually the case. Peter does have his final rose ceremony, gives his rose to Hannah Ann and they get engaged on their last day in Australia! Reality Steve believes this is a whole day after Madison leaves Peter behind.

Part of Peter's struggle in the finale will be choosing between Madison and Hannah Ann after they meet his parents, because, as he's said, he's now in love with each remaining woman. Everyone has heard Peter's mom's tearful plea of "Bring her home to us!" and, since she'd met Madison during the couple's first one-on-one date, many assumed she was talking about our resident virgin. But, the first part of the finale (which airs tonight) will show that his mom is actually talking about Hannah Ann. Which will lead to even more confusion for Peter. Yay!

Apparently, when Chris Harrison drops his mysterious bombshell on Peter before the final rose ceremony, it's got nothing to do with Madison leaving, because Peter already knows that by then. Oh, no. He's about to tell Peter something along the lines of just finding out that Hannah Ann is also considering dumping Peter and heading for the hills, but, since they end up engaged she clearly decided to stick around.

But! It was not to be, because Peter and Hannah Ann have since broken up. Remember all of that mystery surrounding who Peter was apologizing to at that random house in California? Well, that's our 2020 Bachelor talking to Hannah Ann and apologizing for proposing to her, only to break up with her so that he could try to pursue Madison again. So, Peter and Hannah Ann...1,000% not together and not getting back together at any point during the finale.

This means that Peter Weber is basically our new Arie Luyendyk Jr. Also yay! (No. Not really.) Now, here's where Reality Steve, and honestly everyone else, is still in the dark. He last reported that Peter and Madison are currently dating, but their relationship status might be more complicated than that, with it not being quite that solid (he did get engaged to someone else after sexing up some ladies even though Madison had asked him not to), but also not totally a thing that has lost all will to live. We can only hope that they shed some light on where things stand with them during the live After the Final Rose portion of the finale.

We can all see how this whole messy bit of Bachelor business turns out when Peter's 2020 season of The Bachelor finally reaches it's pinnacle, beginning tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC, and wrapping up tomorrow, Tuesday March 10, also at 8 p.m. EST.

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