Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Station 19 Renewed For Season 4, Prepare For More Crossovers

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Station 19 is going to be sticking around for at least one more season! The Grey's Anatomy spinoff only debuted in the 2019-2020 season in late January with an epic crossover event, but ABC has evidently seen enough to order a renewal for Season 4. Not only does this mean another batch of episodes telling the stories of Andy Herrera and Co. at Station 19, but presumably more crossovers between Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy was already renewed for two more seasons in May 2019, so there was never any risk that it would get the axe before Season 17, and Station 19's ratings and viewership have kept up with its long-running parent series. According to Variety, ABC reports an average of 13.5 million viewers and a 3.7 rating in the key 18-49 age demographic in Live+35 day calculations.

Much like One Chicago (and Chicago P.D. in particular) over on NBC, Station 19 does well in delayed viewing, which is likely a good thing for Grey's Anatomy and that shared universe. Station 19 airs at 8 p.m. ET, with Grey's Anatomy following at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Thursdays.

Of course, two shows set in the same universe and even airing on the same night doesn't automatically mean frequent crossovers, since the Arrow-verse and NCIS/NCIS: New Orleans (before NCIS: NOLA's move to Sunday nights) haven't exactly shared characters on a weekly basis. So why does Station 19's renewal means fans may want to prepare for more Grey's crossovers?

Season 3 of Station 19 has been packed with crossover action, even if not always on par with the deadly crossover that paid off on the Grey's Anatomy winter finale cliffhanger and launched Station 19 in 2020. Characters from one show frequently drop by the other, and not just Bailey and Ben visiting each other.

There's one notable cross-show relationship (that may be doomed), one Station 19 character is regularly being treated at Grey Sloane, and Grey's frequently finishes stories that began on Station 19, including the bear attack plot that had me wondering if Station 19 already jumped the shark.

Some fans enjoy the crossovers more than others. The increased connections between the series have led me to wonder if ABC is trying to turn Station 19/Grey's Anatomy into the next One Chicago, which has been super successful for NBC and recently scored a massive renewal. Unlike One Chicago, however, it can be difficult to just watch one of these ABC shows and not the other and still follow what's happening.

For Grey's fans, this means either watching Station 19 too or trying to follow Grey's stories that were already in motion before the episodes even start. Although the Station 19/Grey's Anatomy universe is smaller than the Arrow-verse, One Chicago, and NCIS universe, it is arguably the most connected, and that could continue next season thanks to Station 19's Season 4 renewal.

For now, you can catch new episodes of Station 19 on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC in the midseason TV lineup.

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