7th Heaven Star Lorenzo Brino Has Died At Age 21 After Car Accident

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A young actor most known for his work on the family drama 7th Heaven has died. Lorenzo Brino was involved in a single-car accident earlier in the week, and was pronounced dead at the scene. The actor, who was most known for his work on the series primarily as Sam Camden, died at 21.

According to the official coroner's report, Lorenzo Brino was driving a 2016 Toyota Camry when he lost control and crashed into a utility pole. The accident occurred on Monday, March 9, but Brino's name had not been released to the public until recently. Brino was one of 4 quadruplets who played the roles of Sam and David Camden throughout the series. Brino only has one credit listed as David throughout his 8-year stint on the series, with all other roles being credited as Sam.

Lorenzo Brini shared the role and screen time with his other brothers Zachary and Nikolis, and his sister Myrinda. Myrinda shared a tribute to her brother a few days after the accident, and talked about their upbringing and time together over the years.

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Lorenzo Brino's acting career appeared to stop not long after finishing 7th Heaven, and it's largely the same story with his kin. While on 7th Heaven, Lorenzo and his siblings were swapped more frequently towards the beginning of the show. As they aged, however, their differences in appearance became more apparent and Lorenzo and his brother Nikolas became the more consistent castings for Sam and David.

Sam and David were introduced in the episode "In Praise Of Women," and were relatively minor characters in the story throughout the series. Of course, they were always around and cute fodder for episodes, but there weren't many times the twins were the focal point of an entire episode. Despite that, fans have shown love to all four actor siblings over the years for their portrayals, and mourned the death of Lorenzo Brino. Brino's aunt, Janet Brino said the following via TMZ.

To my dear sweet nephew, your loss left a hole in my heart. God needed another Angel and he took you. Please watch over your mom and dad. You sister Mimi, brothers, Antonio, Zachary and Nicholas ... You got a big job up there.

As of writing, no major stars of 7th Heaven have reacted to the death of Lorenzo Brino, though it's worth noting few of the stars are as active on social media (some for more obvious reasons) as the modern day television star. Perhaps as the news continues to spread, more who were attached to the series will share their thoughts and what memories they shared with the young actor.

CinemaBlend would like to extend its deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Lorenzo Brino, and wish them well during this troubling time.

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