Big Brother Casts Were Completely Oblivious To Coronavirus Crisis While Filming

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The coronavirus pandemic has folks around the nation and abroad quarantined, almost as if people are playing their own game of Big Brother. Of course, the big difference is the average person can quarantine while still being connected to the events of the world, which is not the case for a few Big Brother productions currently running elsewhere.

This means there are still some people in the world completely out of the loop on what's happening, but who are still quarantined and presumably out of danger of contracting the illness. Granted, the houseguests of Big Brother Canada are slightly suspicious that something is up, after they realized there was no studio audience present at their latest eviction.

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The cast of Big Brother Canada is curious about why it was so quiet after the elimination, but, for the most part, seem relatively unconcerned by the development. Big Brother is a game of surprises, after all, and for all they know this could be a tactic by the producers to confuse them, or potentially some twist that will be explained in the coming days.

Big Brother Canada isn't the only international production in the dark either. Big Brother Germany and Big Brother Brazil both have gone into production, and as far as viewers can tell, have not been brought up to speed on the situation evolving around the world.

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German newspaper Sueddeutsche (via The Guardian) confirmed that German houseguests have not been made aware of the coronavirus situation, and the information blackouts are only lifted by producers in certain circumstances. In the past, information has been given to houseguests in America if there's an illness or accident that affects one of their family members. Big Brother: Over the Top told its houseguests the outcome of the 2016 presidential election, and the 2001 season of the flagship show did tell the house about the events of 9/11.

With that in mind, and given how this situation is growing worldwide with each passing day, it is possible that these Big Brother shows will eventually share the information with its cast. It could happen if one of the contestants' family members contracts COVID-19, or it could just be revealed via a house-wide announcement. For now, audiences can get a first-hand glimpse at what it's like to see people living completely oblivious to this situation.

While all these countries have been left in the dark by their production teams, Buzzfeed reported the folks at Big Brother Australia decided to share the news with their Houseguests. Meanwhile, America was in the process of its casting calls for Big Brother Season 22, but recently cancelled a couple of audition dates originally scheduled to take place in different cities. If Season 22 can't secure its cast, it's possible these international shows could be the only Big Brother audiences get for a while.

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