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Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Will Season 8 Have Back To Back Self-Evictions?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Season 8 of Big Brother Canada 2020. Read at your own risk!

Season 8 of Big Brother Canada is underway, and there's already some drama. Not exactly the level of drama that was seen in Big Brother Season 21, but still a relatively crazy situation as the season may see its second self-eviction to kick off the game. So, what exactly is happening, and why are contestants of one of the world's biggest reality shows ushering themselves out without a fight?

It's a question Big Brother Canada fans were asking after the first eviction, in which Nico Vera removed himself from the house 24 hours before the eviction vote would take place. The houseguests supported his decision, likely because the vote would put less pressure on everyone else not to draw a line in the sand in voting between Vera and Susanne Fuda. Fans were already a bit miffed Vera wasn't forced to stay until the vote, but now the events of the past week may cause people to make some real noise if it happens.

Just hours ahead of this week's eviction on Season 8 of Big Brother Canada, it looks like another houseguest is preparing to self-evict. Carol Rosher was selected to compete in the veto competition, and was battling for a chance to get the power to potentially use in the game. Her fight ground to a halt, however, when she chipped a tooth, and now it sounds like she's done with the show after the incident.

As of this writing, the feeds for Big Brother Canada are offline. Prior to that, though, there had been chatter from houseguests on the live feeds about possibly not getting another vote this week, so it sounds like Carol may have decided to leave the show after all. If that's the case, it would mean the nominees for this week are safe, which could impact the game in a major way going forward.

Namely, HOH Chris Wyllie made a move against three houseguests this week (Brooke Warnock and Hira Deol with an attempted backdoor on Michael Stubley), and now none of them may go home. That's a tough situation for Chris, as well as everyone else in the house who relied on Carol for votes towards an alliance. Unexpected evictions always cause chaos in the Big Brother house, though it feels like this one may be messier than most that have happened in the American run of Big Brother. Still, there are worse things that can happen in the house, so Big Brother Canada fans should be grateful this is the worst of Season 8's problems for now.

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