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NBA Star Jamal Murray Says He Was Hacked After Graphic Sex Video Was Posted To Social Media

Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets answering questions from reporters.

Budding NBA star Jamal Murray apologized to fans this morning and said his account was hacked after his followers were blindsided with some unexpected X-rated content. The video in question, which was posted briefly to his Instagram story, showed a man receiving oral sex from an unidentified woman.

Following the post’s deletion, Murray’s Instagram account posted several other strange things including a picture that appeared to be taken from the window of a train and another of a SmartTax display advertisement (per ClutchPoints). All have since been deleted, as well as the Denver Nugget star's entire Instagram account.

Murray also posted the following message on his still active Twitter account…

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On the bright side for Jamal Murray, the whole world will have forgotten about this within a matter of hours (especially with all the porn we're all consuming on a daily basis). The National Basketball Association, along with all the other major sports leagues, might be closed down right now, but there is a tremendous amount of news coming out at a rapid rate. Much of the United States is under quarantine orders, and Coronavirus-related stories are dominating the news. So, in pretty quick fashion, this will be little more than a random event people reference now and again.

As for the NBA season, it’s still unclear exactly what might happen or when the NBA could return. Initially, there was a lot of optimism the league could be back and rolling in June. That now appears to be a little too optimistic, but rumors on Twitter have been circulating about some possible charity games that could happen. They would likely occur outside of traditional team play and only involve volunteer players who were tested immediately prior to games.

Those games wouldn’t be the same as watching the NBA, but I suspect they would deliver absolute dynamite ratings. Who wouldn’t watch a collection of all-stars playing together right now? You know they would play hard too because they haven’t had any other outlet. And if the goal was to raise some money for charity, it’s hard to imagine there wouldn’t be millions of dollars raised. Plus, it would finally give frustrated gamblers something new and exciting to bet on. We could even dedicate the games to Kobe Bryant or figure out some other way to honor him.

Whether Murray was hacked or accidentally posted this by mistake or what, there’s very unlikely to be any discipline coming out of the NBA League Office. We all have better things to worry about right now. Expect everyone to almost immediately move on from this and for it to eventually be overshadowed by whoever the next athelete or celebrity is to either get hacked or accidentally post something inappropriate to their Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or future social media platform that doesn’t exist yet.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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