Why I'm Ready For NCIS To Kill Somebody Off Already


Warning! The following contains spoilers for the upcoming NCIS episode "Blarney," read at your own risk!

NCIS is teasing real danger for two of Team Gibbs in its upcoming episode "Blarney," and it's looking like things will get real for Kasie and Jimmy in the next episode. That's obviously not a situation either of these lab workers are typically used to, so there's a real chance things could go south for either of them before the episode is up.

At least, that's what I'm personally hoping, and this new promo for the episode has given me hope a beloved character will get seriously injured before "Blarney," is up. Take a look at the tralier below, and then continue on for my justification of a wish that sounds so heartless.

To start, my wish for someone to die or at least be seriously injured on NCIS has absolutely nothing to do with Kasie and Jimmy. Both are shining lights on Team Gibbs, and provide a solid measure of comic relief in typically bleak stories. With that said, I literally cannot bear the thought of yet another team member in Season 17 getting in a life or death situation, and walking away from the entire incident almost entirely unharmed.

This isn't a phenomena new to NCIS, or any network television show really. With that being said, Season 17 of the CBS series has been particularly egregious in turning Team Gibbs into superheroes. We're only a few weeks removed from Torres being struck by a car so that he was clinging to life and comatose when brought into the hospital, and had regained consciousness by the episode's end with a return to the team in the very next episode.

There has been a lot of death in NCIS; it's just that not much of it has been too impactful to the team recently. Team Gibbs is turning into a team of Supermen (and women), and it's hard to get invested in the weekly drama when none of them undergo a situation so dire or severe that they aren't available to rejoin the squad the very next week. With this series seemingly all but giving up on the Torres and Bishop love story, there needs to be something to keep things interesting.

Kasie and Jimmy don't need to die for NCIS to get more interesting, but I'm not going to sit here and act like it wouldn't help. Season 17 has taken a real nose-dive in excitement following Ziva David's departure, and the team needs some real adversity to face or overcome to keep this train rolling before the wait for Season 18. There's a real opportunity for NCIS to do something with Kasie and Jimmy's hostage situation, though I already fear the entire rescue will go off without a hitch. Why wouldn't it? It has more often than not this season!

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