NCIS' Torres Will Fight 'For His Life' In Upcoming Episode, But What About Bishop?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the upcoming episode of NCIS episode "On Fire." Read at your own risk!

A new NCIS promo has revealed a drastic turn of events for one of Team Gibbs, and it could result in the team losing one of their own. Nick Torres is going to be laid up in the hospital, and early indications show that it's going to take some heavy treatment to keep him in the land of the living. With Torres' life on the line, what does this mean for him and Bishop?

The synopsis for "On Fire" lays out the situation in the plainest terms, and it doesn't look good for Nick. He and Ellie are both involved in an accident, and Nick seemingly got the worst of it.

After Torres and Bishop are victims of a hit-and-run, Torres fights for his life in the ICU.

NCIS could pull a LaSalle-like exit for Nick Torres, though it feels like the CBS series has just laid the groundwork for the character to finally get his feelings out in the open. Hospital bedside confessions of romantic feelings are a common trope in television, and nothing seems to encourage big life-changing confessions like a near-death experience. If Torres pulls through, maybe he'll rethink keeping his feelings about Bishop close to the chest.

NCIS fans may have Ziva David to thank for the reveal if it happens, as the character gave Nick Torres a push toward making his feelings known. Of course, she would know a thing or two about inter-team relationships after her long-standing relationship with Tony, so the advice couldn't have come from a better person.

Torres and Bishop arguably have their lives on the line every day, however, so there's no guarantee that even getting hit by a car and almost dying in the hospital will get him to open up. The good news is that it takes two to tango, and perhaps Ellie will do the classic move of revealing her true feelings for Nick while she believes he's unconscious. Just imagine! Suddenly, she gets an unexpected response, and surprise, he was awake the whole time! Stranger things have happened, and the promo shows Ellie is decent enough shape to do something like that.

Romantic implications aside, this accident appears severe enough that Torres could be laid up for a while, and Bishop is at least a little banged up. One can never tell with injuries and television, as Criminal Minds recently almost had JJ die only to pick back up on her first day back on the job some time later. Will Nick get sidelined by this injury, or will he be back out on the job in no time?

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