Why Chicago Fire Fans Probably Shouldn't Get Too Excited About Brett And Casey

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Spoilers ahead for Episode 15 of Chicago Fire Season 8, called "Off The Grid."

Chicago Fire spent most of "Off The Grid" on the Sean Roman storyline connecting Fire to P.D. for the two-part crossover, but the side plot was all about Brett trying to connect with her birth mother with Casey along for the ride. The episode revealed the bond between Brett and Casey is stronger than ever as Casey continues to support Brett, and Brett clearly appreciates what he's doing for her. So does their increasingly close bond as demonstrated in "Off The Grid" means those sparks flying between them will be fanned into a flame for fans of the relationship?

Fans probably shouldn't get too excited about a potential romance any time too soon. There are in-universe reasons that a hookup may not be in the works in the foreseeable future as well as some comments from actor Jesse Spencer that point toward a pretty slow burn. Let's start with the in-universe reasons.

Why Season 8 Might Not Be The Time For Romance

Even though Brett and Casey spend a lot of time together since they work the same shift at Firehouse 51, now Brett seemingly will have a lot going on personally that could mean she needs to focus on herself rather than hooking up with Casey. A lot of romances may be born in Firehouse 51, but there's a time and a place, and neither may be right for Brett at this point.

After making the journey to introduce herself to her birth mom (with Casey driving her) in "Off The Grid," Brett had the door shut in her face by her birth mom's husband. Her birth mom, Julie, eventually dropped by the firehouse to apologize for Scott shutting her out, explain that they'd love to have her in their lives, and reveal her pregnancy.

In one fell swoop, Brett has her bio mom trying to bring her into her life and a biological half-sibling on the way sooner rather than later, judging by the size of her baby bump. The pregnancy could be high-risk as well, since Julie is in her mid-40s. She revealed to Brett that she'd given birth at the age of 16.

Personally, I also have some suspicions about Scott. Julie explained that Scott panicked at unexpectedly meaning Brett when he'd only just learned that his wife had had a baby as a teenager, but his reaction made me feel like there's something sketchier going on. While I might just be paranoid about worst-case scenarios in One Chicago after what happened to Burgess on P.D., I definitely still have my eye on Scott.

Casey also hooked up with Dawson not too long ago. While they made it clear that their night together came with no strings attached or expectations of long-distance monogamy, it also only took one dance for their them to fall back into their attraction and love for each other. Brett and Casey can by all means continue growing closer, but switching gears and starting a romance shouldn't happen too soon, in my book.

Why One Star Says It Might Not Happen Yet

Chicago Fire star Jesse Spencer addressed the Casey/Brett bond in some interviews earlier in 2020, and his comments don't point toward a love connection just yet. He also didn't rule out their bond taking a turn for the romantic in the future, but he hasn't dropped any details. Speaking with TV Guide, Spencer explained what the Fire focus is on at the moment for Brett and Casey:

So [showrunner Derek Haas] right now, he's really building off the friendship between them because it was sort of like they've both been through a lot of stuff, emotional sort of baggage. If we do get there, this season is going to be about them building a strong base and building some friendship. If it goes in that direction, then it does. And if it doesn't, it doesn't.

Great relationships grow out of great friendships, right? According to Jesse Spencer, Derek Haas is focusing on the friendship between Brett and Casey. It's certainly true that both Brett and Casey bring some baggage to their dynamic, not the least of which is Dawson. Both love her in their own ways, and Haas shared with CinemaBlend how Dawson's return impacted how Brett sees Casey.

Jesse Spencer wouldn't confirm that Brettsey will ever be a thing, and it's worth noting that he said "if we do get there" rather than "when we do get there." All things considered, his words lead me to believe that if anything romantic happens between them in Season 8, it won't be until the very end.

That said, some of Jesse Spencer's comments to Us Weekly reveal his personal thoughts on Brett/Casey and how much he actually knows about what's in store:

Derek Haas likes toying with the fans a lot. His own little special game is to rile up the fans. If I asked him, he’d tell me but I actually prefer not to know, at least not to know too much, and things can change too. But yeah, I would like to see them get together because what they’re building right now is a friendship and it feels organic. They had different situations, but they’re quite similar, and they both have a bit of an ugly past. They’re healing and healing together. I think it’s an organic way for it to happen.

Jesse Spencer qualifies as a fan of a potential Brett/Casey romance! He also doesn't know for sure what Derek Haas has in mind for the dynamic moving forward, so I think it's safe to say that his thoughts on Brett/Casey aren't colored by what's happening far down the line. If Jesse Spencer, who has led Chicago Fire for the past eight seasons and seen Casey through a vast number of changes, thinks this relationship would be organic for his character, who am I to argue?

So, the future for a Brett/Casey relationship is arguably bright, but the journey toward them finally hooking up might be long. At the very least, fans might want to prepare for the will-they-won't-they to continue into Season 9, assuming NBC renews Chicago Fire. Based on the ratings, I think it's a pretty safe assumption that Fire and the other two One Chicago series will be back next season.

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