American Idol's Katy Perry Updates Fans On Live Episodes While Dressed As The Easter Bunny

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American Idol Season 18 began its run of filler episodes on Sunday in an effort to provide fresh content for fans while the show works out how to continue its competition. In the meantime folks have been waiting for word on how or when the rest of the season will resume, and Katy Perry has "hopped" up on the scene with some details.

Perry took to Facebook Live dressed as the Easter Bunny in order to answer fans' questions and talk about American Idol. When asked about the status of the live episodes, Perry had this to say.

I think we’re gonna all have to be really creative. I know we’re gonna be really creative. And you’ll just have to be tuning into that creativity that we are probably going to create from our individual homes. We’ll see how this goes.

There's no real definitive game plan in that answer, so one can speculate about what Katy Perry said in many different ways. At the moment, live in-studio episodes of American Idol are out of the question, and there's a good chance that will be the case for quite a while. Eventually American Idol will run out of things to recap and, according to Katy Perry, may have to switch to some at-home content at a later date.

Does this mean American Idol Season 18 will continue remotely with contestants fighting to survive from the comfort of home? It feels like a route that would be very hard to work out logistically, and there's obviously a question of fairness given various contestants' internet connections and many other factors. If this is the route Season 18 is considering, I'll be eager to see if ABC can pull this off as well as Katy Perry rocked that bunny outfit.

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Just to sidebar for a brief moment: imagine being one of Katy Perry's neighbors. They woke up that morning, stepped to the window to greet the day, and probably saw Perry hanging out in her car in her driveway in a rabbit outfit. That's quite a sight, though for those familiar with Perry and her antics, this is par for the course.

There's also a chance that Katy Perry's comments in that bunny suit were simply referring to American Idol doing more filler content, but similar to what Saturday Night Live did with its at-home episode. Perhaps contestants could get on an internet call for some big sing-along episode or for some skits in which Perry does some goofy stuff with Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie, and Ryan Seacrest. Perry only gave fans a little to go on, perhaps because the people at the show doesn't know exactly what they're doing with it yet either.

American Idol Season 18 doesn't have a return date just yet, though there's a sizable gap between it and Season 19 even with the delay, so perhaps the show will just ride the postponement out until live shows can resume? The reality series has opened up auditions for Season 19 early, so obviously there are some plans to continue this season at some point in order to make way for that.

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