Watch Kim Kardashian’s Daughter North West Hilariously Crash Her Social Distancing PSA

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There are few things that can sorta equalize a population quite like the situation we now find ourselves in. Just like us regular folk, celebrities are now spending pretty much all of their time at home, and while many of us are trying to offer our fellow humans hope and guidance when we can, the famous among us can do it on a much larger scale, so it's good that quite a few of them have been doing exactly that. Recently, Kim Kardashian West signed up for a social distancing PSA, but her efforts were hilariously derailed by daughter North West.

Kim Kardashian West got herself all glammed up to help out the state of California with a nice little PSA encouraging people to continue to stay at home and practice social distancing as much as possible, even though the weather is getting so nice. Unfortunately, Kardashian West had to deal with something that many others are dealing with while now working from home. Take a look at the all too true to life result, below:

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Oh, yeah, KKW is having sooooooo much fun with North West in her PSA! I mean, that's totes obvious, right? As much as I'm sure that the Wests have a massive home and gated backyard with which to roam around in during these stressful, stay-at-home times, it's pretty clear that North (and probably her siblings) are getting to Kardashian West just a wee lil' bit at times.

My absolute favorite part of the whole video, which is just a little over a minute long, is when Kim Kardashian West is talking about all the "fun, amazing projects you can do" at home and then notes that parents "can spend time with your kids"...while speaking through furiously gritted teeth. There was also a bit of a smile on her face, but you just know that gritting is so real right now. Honestly, I don't know if Mrs. Kardashian West has ever been more relatable while wearing a full face of makeup and a 100% snatched ponytail.

I am someone who's used to working at home and I have none of those small youths running about, as Kim Kardashian West does, but even I can get how difficult it must be to live in the house all the time with those monst...children! Uh, adorable children running around you all the time, even as you attempt to get some real, honest work done. And, of course, much of the world now understands the difficulty, as well.

Can you imagine living in a home smaller than the one the Wests do and having to try to work with multiple kids in the vicinity? I can, and it seems like it would be no walk in the park, which we can't do now on a regular basis and without certain precautions anyway, so I suppose that fits with our current era well.

The one thing I am confused about is why KKW didn't just close the door to whatever room she was trying to tape this video in, which looks like a bedroom. I don't watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians on any kind of regular basis, but, do the rooms in her house not have doors? That seems like the type of design aesthetic Kardashian West would approve of, but it's clearly not the best idea if you want to get any work done in a home that also shelters child people. Oh, well. Lesson learned!

You can see more of Kim Kardashian West, North and the rest of the clan when Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs on E!, Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, stay at home and check out our Netflix premiere schedule to see what else you can watch!

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