Superstore Showrunners Talk Amy's 'Unfinished Business' In Season 5 Finale

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The Season 5 finale of Superstore is fast-approaching, and it marks the beginning of the end of America Ferrera's time as leading lady of the hit NBC comedy. Ferrera was originally slated to depart Superstore at the conclusion of a two-parter that closed the fifth season, but the early production shutdown meant only the first part could be finished. Fortunately, Superstore showrunners Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller spoke with CinemaBlend ahead of the finale, and they made it very clear that Amy's Superstore swan song will be must see-TV.

When asked whether the finale, called "California Part 1" and airing April 23, would feel like a fitting finale despite the early production cutoff, the showrunners shared what the "unfinished business" means for Amy and America Ferrera:

Jonathan Green: We think it works well as a season finale. We really like the way it ends up. It was almost like, ‘Oh, why didn’t we end it this way in the first place?’ But we don’t feel like it feels like a farewell episode for Amy. So that is definitely the unfinished business that we want to address in the first episode of next season.Gabe Miller: We wanted to give both Amy and America a chance to have final moments with the rest of the cast.

Although fans will have to wait until April 23 to find out exactly how the first half of the intended two-parter will begin to tell Amy's final big Superstore story, the showrunners confirmed that "California Part 1" will feel like a finale. Superstore has ended seasons on cliffhangers in the past. If that's the case again, Amy having unfinished business may be much less drastic than the tornado aftermath!

Amy (and America Ferrera) getting the first episode of Season 6 to finish telling the Season 5 finale story means fans can look forward to the April 23 episode without fearing that Ferrera's farewell will go unfinished forever. Of course, the question of Amy's future on Superstore is tied to the question of Jonah's future. After all, the fan-favorite couple has been going strong throughout Season 5, and Amy even impressed his mom.

So, how will Superstore say farewell to America Ferrera's Amy, presumably without also losing Ben Feldman's Jonah? Could their relationship work over a long distance, or will they have to break up? Or does Superstore have something else entirely in mind? Well, viewers will have to watch the finale to find out, as co-showrunner Jonathan Green would only tease this about Amy and Jonah in the Season 5 finale:

That’s one of those ‘wait and see’ kinds of things.

Fortunately, fans won't have to "wait and see" for much longer. The Season 5 finale of Superstore airs on Thursday, April 23 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. The episode will see Dina trying to help Amy keep a secret from Jonah, Mateo and Cheyenne planning her 21st birthday party, and Glenn playing matchmaker to try and help Sandra and Jerry complete their family.

Until Superstore returns for Season 6, viewers can always relive Amy and the rest of the characters' journeys so far with the first five seasons streaming on Hulu. For some additional viewing options to fill the time once Superstore finishes its fifth season, swing by our 2020 summer premiere schedule.

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