America Ferrera Is Leaving Superstore After Five Seasons, So What About Season 6?

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Superstore just got less super. In Season 5 it has had some awesome guest stars. However, it is about to lose its main star in America Ferrera. Yes, Ferrera, who has starred as Amelia “Amy” Sosa, since Superstore began, is leaving the comedy after five seasons. The actress’ exit comes following the fifth season’s extended run. What does this mean for Season 6?

NBC had already renewed Superstore for Season 6, so the show will go on. It will now continue without America Ferrera, who has also been an executive producer on the series. How much longer do fans have with Ferrera? The actress will leave Superstore at the end of its current season, per Variety.

If you are coming down from Cloud 9 over Superstore’s recent renewal, that is understandable. America Ferrera has been the lead presence of Superstore since it started. Ferrera’s Amy has also been in a fan-favorite relationship with Ben Feldman’s Jonah. Superstore’s creator had said there were no plans to break-up the couple, who finally got together after a lot of will-they or won’t-they tension.

Since America Ferrera is leaving the show, it puts the Amy/Jonah pairing in serious question. Amy has worked her way up at Cloud 9 and currently works as the store manager. Could her rising career send her away from Cloud 9, yet keep her near enough to Jonah to continue a relationship off-screen? Stay tuned.

Considering America Ferrera’s exit has been announced ahead of Season 5’s finale, the writers should have had time to work out a satisfying departure for Amy. This does not sound like a Grey’s Anatomy situation where a leading character’s exit will be handled with them off-screen. Of course, losing Ferrera is a considerable blow for Superstore moving forward.

How will Superstore manage without its marquee star? The NBC comedy has built a considerable ensemble around America Ferrera throughout the past five seasons. Will the show cast a new name to topline Superstore in Season 6 now that Ferrera is leaving? Or will the comedy rely on the cast that it has?

Losing a central star is a massive game-changer for any show, and Superstore is no exception. It will undoubtedly feel the impact of America Ferrera’s exit. The silver lining to the sad news is that fans should get to see Amy have a proper ending by the time Season 5 is over. It will be interesting to see what happens once Season 6 gets closer to production.

As for America Ferrera’s future, outside of Superstore, Ferrera is an accomplished producer. She executive produced the new Netflix original Gentefied, and directed some episodes of Superstore as well. Ferrera’s fans will want to stay tuned to find out what she does next and how Amy’s story ends on Superstore.

The next episode of Superstore is entitled “Favoritism,” and its premise does not hint at Amy leaving. It centers on Amy’s desire to make Mateo her new assistant, which leads to her being accused of “favoritism.” A group competition will apparently ensue. Will the events of the March 5 episode put her departure in motion?

Find out what Amy’s exit story entails when Season 5 continues heading towards its finale. New episodes of Superstore air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. There are plenty of winter and spring’s premieres to keep you entertained as well.

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