Superstore Got Some Much Deserved Good News From NBC

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Superstore Season 5 is strolling through the aisles with quite a bit of purpose during NBC's Thursday night comedy block, and now the little show that could has gotten some great news from the network. NBC has just given Superstore an additional four episodes for the year, which will bring its total count to 22 for the 2019-2020 television season.

According to TV Line, this now means that the episode count for Season 5 of Superstore will be right up there with what audiences saw from Season 3 and 4, while Season 2 came in right below that at 21 episodes and Season 1 (which didn't begin airing until late November 2015) only had 11 episodes. NBC clearly has faith that Superstore will be able to keep, and potentially grow, its audience, which might be a bit larger than you expect.

Superstore leads NBC's comedy block on Thursdays, and, so far this season, the wacky workplace comedy has averaged almost a 0.8 rating in the key demo, with 2.9 million total viewers coming in from Live+Same Day numbers. And, if 2.9 million people doesn't sound like that many, know that this makes Superstore not only the network's most watched comedy, but its top rated one, as well. In addition, it's only down 6% from the Season 4 average.

It's obvious that a good number of people can smell what Superstore has been cooking for several seasons now, but the uninitiated should know that no time is too late to step into this comedy filled with nutty sight gags and heart. In case you're unaware, Superstore focuses on an oddball cast of characters who work at a St. Louis, Missouri branch of, well, a multi-national superstore called Cloud 9, and happen to work for a company that's run by frequently uncaring individuals more concerned with the bottom line than their well being.

While the show is filled with laugh out loud moments and wonderful amounts of general silliness, Superstore has also managed to tackle some important issues over the years, but with enough humor that fans never feel as though they've been beaten over the head with a message. Some of these topics have included ageism, health care and insurance, divorce, workplace romance, drug abuse, illegal immigration and that all important topic: how to get revenge when someone releases all of your pet birds.

I know folks, it's all tough stuff. But, Superstore can always be counted on to handle everything with just the right amount of goofiness. It's great to see that people have found this gem of a show after a much slower start, and are enjoying what it has to offer.

You can catch up on all the Superstore-based shenanigans when Season 5 continues on NBC, Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST, but be sure to check out our 2019 TV premiere guide to see what else you can watch on the small screen in the coming weeks.

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