How A Mix-Up Cost One Star Wars Actor A Role On The Mandalorian

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Star Wars really made waves with its first live-action series, The Mandalorian, and featured a wide number of casting choices that were both surprising and unsurprising. It also featured some roles for notable alumni of the franchise and could've had one more in the form of The Clone Wars' Sam Witwer, had he not bungled the idea with an unintentional mix-up with co-creator Dave Filoni.

Witwer, who has provided the voice for Darth Maul and other characters in the world of Star Wars, explained that there was a time when he was being considered to appear in Season 1 of The Mandalorian. However, Witwer, mistakenly thinking it was his friend Filoni throwing him a bone, took his name out of consideration and then later explained the decision to Filoni in a weird way:

I got put on a shortlist on Mandalorian for some role and I thought maybe that was from Dave [Filoni], but then I found out it was actually from casting. Casting came up with the idea. The way they do it, I guess, is they put a bunch of people on a list and then the producers pick someone. So I relayed that to Dave, and I think it was awkward because I was saying 'When I’m on the show' and this and that. But what I was actually trying to say was I actually took myself off that list because I don’t want to mess with your show (Laughs)

The story itself is admittedly a little confusing, but based on Sam Witwer's comments to Star Wars Holocron, it seems like he lost a potential role in The Mandalorian Season 1 that he may have otherwise had if he didn't interfere. There were no details as to what the role was exactly, though it is worth noting another famous Star Wars voice actor, Matt Lanter, got a cameo as a Rebel soldier in "Chapter 6: The Prisoner."

Lanter got a role that Sam Witwer didn't, and the actor believes it could be rooted in a big misunderstanding from his conversation with Dave Filoni. Witwer tried to lay out the what went wrong in the two's exchange about The Mandalorian and realized he may need to correct that situation with Filoni to make sure the co-creator understood what he was saying:

I was trying to say that. I don’t want to mess with the show, nor do I want to take the risk that I’m wrong for the show and then you hire me because I’m your buddy. I was trying to say that but it came off wrong (Laughs). And there was this awkward silent moment. I think I need to text the guy and tell him that’s not what I meant! But what I meant to say was that if [Dave] had a need for me and there’s something I can do for you, you can tell me yourself. I’m not going to try to get in the way. That’s what I was trying to say. Because I don’t feel like Star Wars owes me a damn thing. Star Wars has been very good to me.

This interview came after The Mandalorian wrapped filming on Season 2, so I would assume Sam Witwer is not a part of that season, either. Of course, actors wouldn't be actors if they weren't able to deceive, so perhaps Witwer is just gassing fans up for an upcoming cameo. Or he could be voicing an alien that appeared in the upcoming episodes and just hasn't found out yet. Bottom line, I wouldn't expect a person as treasured as Sam Witwer to be blacklisted from any appearances in The Mandalorian.

As mentioned, The Mandalorian has completed production on Season 2, though there's no specific timetable for when it will premiere on Disney+. Stick with CinemaBlend for more on the world of Star Wars, and for a look at what's happening in television and movies in 2020 and beyond.

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