The Voice Fans Had A Field Day With Kelly Clarkson's Pointy Outfit

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The Voice dove into its Top 13 performances, and while there were some show-stopping performances, the conversation among fans had just about nothing to do with the singers. Instead, all eyes were on Coach Kelly Clarkson, who was sporting an outfit that can best be described as "pointy."

The dress Clarkson wore could've been normal, but the top collared half of the outfit really made that an impossibility. I'm not sure exactly what one calls The Voice coach's collar, and apparently the internet doesn't know either as they found some creative ways to describe Clarkson's unique outfit via social media.

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Only on Twitter would someone compare the iconic American Idol winner and successful talk show host Kelly Clarkson to a "sexy paper football." It only went downhill from there as more and more people piled on to list all the things Clarkson's unique dress reminded them of.

This included many references to a classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon character, Jane Jetson. Hey, maybe The Voice may have paved the way for a reboot of this series to actually happen!

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It's not an entirely fair comparison, of course, as Jane Jetson's triangle collar went around her neck. Kelly Clarkson's stops a good few inches before her shoulders, which definitely doesn't help it look any less like a paper football or any other piece of origami. Would it have been any better with a full around the neck triangle?

Probably not, as the look itself seems to be about drawing attention. People wouldn't bat an eyelash over someone like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry wearing it, but crazy outfits on Kelly Clarkson feel like a relatively new thing. Perhaps if The Voice keeps dressing her in over-the-top outfits reactions won't be as rampant, but until then Clarkson can expect a lot of stuff like this on her timeline.

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It does seem like The Voice is trying to make Kelly Clarkson the eclectic dresser of the bunch as last week's episodes featured her in a look that again drew criticism from the web. The internet may have been a bit excessive with its jokes about Clarkson's "mullet," so it's no surprise this look didn't go over too well either.

Kelly Clarkson wasn't the only victim of the night, and some on Twitter had things to say about Gwen Stefani's look as well. Having said that, Gwen's criticisms involved way fewer references to nuns than what Clarkson got, and that has to mean something.

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If there's any positive news, it's that these live shows don't have the The Voice Coaches wearing the same outfit (they can afford a wardrobe change) twice in one night. Kelly will have a chance to redeem herself in the results show, or maybe even have a little fun with it after reading through her timeline and seeing what people thought of the look.

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