Kelly Clarkson Thinks The Voice's New Promo Photo Makes Her Look Like She Had A Boob Job

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Season 18 of NBC's hit singing competition The Voice is ramping up production, and with that comes a variety of promotional video and photography shoots for coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Nick Jonas. Now that we've gotten a look at those shots, though, three-time winning coach Kelly Clarkson is convinced that one of her promo photos for the show has amplified her assets on a grand scale. Not sure what I mean? The boobs, folks. Clarkson is talking about her boobs.

Apparently, when Kelly Clarkson took a gander at one of her photos for Season 18 of The Voice (Not the one above, obviously. She looks positively petite in every way there.) her immediate impression was that the shot made her look like she'd gotten a boob job. So, what did our hilariously chatty and prone to sharing friend Kelly Clarkson do with that info? She went right to her Twitter feed to tell everyone about it! Take a look:

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Oh, Kelly Clarkson. We love you. While I wouldn't have thought, at first, anything was amiss with Clarkson's boobage situation in this picture, now that she mentions it, they do appear to be a bit more...dominant than they usually seem to be. And, that's whether the ladies are seen in a still photo, or in live action, so to speak. Though, there have been times when her outfit completely overshadowed whatever she's actually got going on up there.

At any rate, you know our girl Kelly Clarkson ain't mad about the boobification bump. No, sir. She loves it! So much so that she felt moved to thank the "Universe" for the "enormous" appearance of her breastage in the photo. Also, Clarkson clearly thinks that the picture gives her a certain superhero air, noting that all she needs to add is a cape and she could wander around and save some folks. With the exception that most female superheroes don't generally wear this much clothing which is not skin-tight all over, I'd say Clarkson makes a good point.

I mean, when you think about all the coaches we've had on The Voice, Kelly Clarkson is basically a superhero among them. Sure, Blake Shelton has won six times, but it took him 13 whole seasons to do that. Clarkson, meanwhile, came to the show as a coach in Season 14, won that season and the season after, and then hit the top again in Season 17, which just wrapped up right before Christmas. This means that Clarkson has been able to pick singers and lead them to victory three times in only four seasons as a coach.

Someone, please, give this woman her cape. The only question now is what her superhero name would be. Voicerella? You know...let me get back to you on that. We might need to set up a focus group or send out some surveys.

The Voice returns, with boobilicious coach and reigning champ Kelly Clarkson, Monday, February 24 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC. For all the details on everything else you can watch right now, check out our 2020 midseason premiere schedule and Netflix guide!

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