Guardians Of The Galaxy's Chris Pratt Is Returning To TV, Sadly Not More Parks And Rec

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During the early years of Parks and Recreation's seven-season run, it was clear that star Chris Pratt had the potential to make a splash in Hollywood, but few likely predicted just how big a splash it would be. Between saving the world for Marvel as Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord and saving the world from dino-beasts within the Jurassic World franchise, Pratt's big-screen career is still on fire. Yet the Lego Movie vet is set to return to television for his next big project, though it sadly isn't another Parks and Rec reunion.

Instead, Chris Pratt is making the small-screen leap to Amazon Studios, with the streaming mega-company officially landing the actor's new project, a conspiracy thriller titled The Terminal List. Based on the bestselling novel from author Jack Carr, The Terminal List features Pratt as both its main star and as an executive producer, since he was the one who nabbed the novel's rights in the first place.

For The Terminal List, Chris Pratt will star as James Reece, a Navy SEAL on a high-stakes covert ops assignment that gets compromised when his entire platoon gets ambushed. Though he's able to safely return home to his family, James still faces questions about his memories of the experience, and has concerns about potentially being responsible for the screw-up.

As it turns out, new evidence surfaces that seems to prove that James is at least one victim of the mysterious and powerful people fronting a deep conspiracy that threatens not only James' life, but those of his loved ones. It sounds like a hectic plotline, and fans can be sure that both Chris Pratt and Amazon Studios will try their hardest to do Jack Carr's novel justice.

To aid in that respect, as well as in overall authenticity, The Terminal List is bringing in military veterans and their families to inform various aspects of the production. According to Deadline, half of the series' staffed writers are themselves veterans, or are directly related to those who have served. It's unclear how much deeper the consulting will go, but it sounds like everything is moving in positive directions.

The Terminal List's creative team includes Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, who will helm at least some of the upcoming streaming thriller, as well as David DiGilio, who is serving as writer and executive producer. DiGilio was the creator of Matt Bomer's under-appreciated ABC action-drama Traveler, and most recently was a writer and executive producer for CBS All Access' Strange Angel.

Chris Pratt and Antoine Fuqua worked together on The Magnificent Seven, which is what inspired the actor to initially approach the director with The Terminal List. Together, they teamed up with the company MRC Television (which is behind Netflix's Ozark and Hulu's upcoming drama The Great) and went public to shop the project around earlier this year.

Interestingly, Chris Pratt's transition from NBC comedy star to Hollywood fave to Amazon star is quite similar to that of John Krasinski, who went from The Office to Hollywood hits such as A Quiet Place and then teamed with Amazon for the military-tethered action series Jack Ryan. The fact that The Office and Parks and Rec were both brought to TV in part by the same man, Greg Daniels, has us hopeful that The Terminal List will last at least as many seasons as Jack Ryan, which is going into Season 3.

To the joy of millions, Chris Pratt actually returned to the role of Parks and Recreation's Andy for the recent Zoom-reliant reunion special, which gave updates on many characters' lives along the way. Considering how unlikely that special was in the scheme of things, there's very little hope for any further returns to Pawnee in the future. So at least TV viewers are getting Pratt back in some way.

At this point, there's no telling when The Terminal List will go into production, which makes it even harder to guess when the thriller series might actually debut on Amazon Prime Video. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates, though, and don't forget to check out the Parks and Recreation reunion special or Pixar's Onward for a quick fix of Chris Pratt's most recent releases.

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