Ahead Of Mother’s Day, The Duggar Men Count The Things They’re Thankful For

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It’s hard to believe Mother’s Day is just around the corner, but the Duggar clan isn’t taking the upcoming holiday for granted. In fact, the Counting On family is counting their blessings while spending more time than usual at home. Now, the Duggar dads have revealed what they are thankful for in their wives, the mothers of their children.

In a post shared by the network, Counting On husband and dad Ben Seewald revealed all of the little things he notices about his wife and partner Jessa Duggar Seewald, noting:

Whenever I see Jessa as a mom I’ve just been encouraged by [the fact] she’ll just have little systems of doing things to help them grow and mature and broaden their horizons. She reads them books and gets them outside. She’s a very involved parent, so I’m thankful to her.

Jessa and Ben Seewald share three children, Spurgeon Elliot, Henry Wilberforce and Ivy Jane. We see evidence of the time Jessa puts in with the kids in the great outdoors on the regular – they even recently put together a jungle gym. In fact, they are spoiled with yard playthings, as Ben also even shared this look at a swing.

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Regardless, it’s still nice to hear Ben Seewald appreciate his wife on so many levels in regards to how they are raising their kids.

He’s not the only person who had nice things to say about the Duggar mothers either. Josiah Duggar also touched on what he loves about his wife Lauren. The two share a young baby, Bella, who was born about half a year ago. She’s a cutie.

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Meanwhile, Josiah seems to be in awe of Lauren as a new mom and talks about the early joys and milestones the really young ones hit as time passes swiftly.

Lauren does an amazing job with Bella, she really does. When I see her spending time with her, talking to her and Bella trying to communicate back, I think, ‘Man, It won’t be too long before she’s mom’s little helper around here.’ She’ll be able to teach her all different kinds of things and it’s just exciting to see.

Finally, Joe spoke out about his wife Kendra, with whom he shares a son named Garrett and a young daughter named Addison, telling her Happy Mother’s Day before launching into this sweet message for his leading lady and also all the moms out there.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone but especially my wife Kendra. You’ve just been a great mother to our kids, just always been there for them.

As we wait for info on a possible Season 11 renewal for Counting On, you can see the full video over on TLC’s site, but the point is, as the Counting On family continues to add new members, the dads in question are not taking the moms for granted, particularly around Mother’s Day, which is generally a good time to remind moms they rock.

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