Looks Like The Duggar Granddaughters Are Starting To Wear Pants Too

Anna Duggar on Counting On TLC?

Like much of the Duggar clan, Anna Duggar is active on social media. She’s been sharing plenty of posts of her kids in recent days, including some brand new looks at her girls, who have been favoring pants. Why is this a big deal? Well in recent weeks the 19 Kids and Counting Stars have started wearing pants in public more and now Jim Bob and Michell’s granddaughters seem to be following suit.

It's worth noting, Anna Keller Duggar isn’t an original Duggar clan member. She married into the family when she and Josh Duggar said their wedding vows back in 2009. Though the two were pretty chaste and didn’t kiss until their wedding day reportedly, it’s not a huge surprise she’d be a little more lax regarding the idea girls can wear pants too.

While Anna is focusing on her kids growing so quickly, it's also worth pointing out her gals are allowed to wear pants -- even jeans.

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Lately Anna and Josh Duggar have shared photos of their girls favoring pants, frequently choosing to wear pants under dresses too, which still lets them dress with a little flair but run around with the freedom and comfort of leggings and pants their brothers enjoy as well.

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It’s a choice that is seemingly becoming more of an option as new generations of Duggars come into the world. Jim Bob and Michelle for years made it clear their daughters should be in dresses and skirts and there were specific guidelines for those looks, including the idea that dresses must be conservative and fall below the knees. Recently, Michelle has made it clear that while pants may not be her choice, they are a choice that women should have the freedom to make, noting:

It’s OK that my kids may have different convictions than me. I know that he’s leading them and that’s the most important thing — their walk, their relationship with God. And they really love the Lord. And I can honestly say I can have no greater joy.

Though it doesn’t seem to have caused major friction in the Duggar family, it was still big news when some of their children, including popular Duggar girls Jessa and Jinger, started wearing pants in social situations. It was only a few weeks ago when this began to become more and more apparent after Jessa posted a remodeling video wearing sweatpants.

Now, that we’re looking at the younger generations, it may become more and more normal to see the Duggar girls in pants. But only time will tell whether or not this turns out to be the case. I assume we'll need to stay tuned to TLC to find out.

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