The Blacklist Season 7 Finale Trailer: Is Liz Threatening To End Everything With Red Or Katarina?

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The Blacklist is ramping up for its Season 7 finale with a trailer that will have theory-lovers going wild. The good news is that fans only have one day left to find out what it all means. Showing off the incredible graphic novel inspired animation that will comprise part of Season 7’s last hour (airing May 15), the trailer teases Liz seeming to threaten either Red or Katarina.

It appears as though Liz has had enough. She asks someone (presumably Red or Katarina) to give her a reason “not to end this now.” Keep in mind, this is after Katarina is seen inquiring about Liz’s loyalty to her in The Blacklist teaser. I wonder if Liz is starting to realize her mom is a total villain (in my opinion).

Check out the trailer for The Blacklist’s Season 7 finale below, and then we can reconvene afterward for some speculative fun:

It seems like Red may be ready to close ranks on Katarina, once and for all, on The Blacklist. Getting ready for that big family fight? Maybe. I believe that Red is referring to Katarina and not Liz when he says, “she’s a threat,” despite the latter being shown over Red’s voiceover in the Season 7 finale trailer.

The same can be said with Liz standing over a collapsed Red as she threatens to “end this now.” Red’s dire condition in the Season 7 trailer is likely the result of his deteriorating health. What may seem like a menacing moment (considering the voiceover) from Liz will hopefully be innocent. While Liz may be heading towards a dark path on The Blacklist, I cannot see her choosing Katarina over Red.

Of course, Liz has made terrible decisions and aided and abetted Katarina far more than she should, in my opinion. Katarina has already done enough for Liz to cut ties with her in Season 7, but Liz seems to still be on-board, so who knows. The Blacklist could surprise viewers by having Liz fake taking Katarina's side in order to bring her down.

Red said in another trailer that something is not going to end the way that somebody expects it too. Hopefully, he is speaking to Katarina, and her end is near. Elsewhere in The Blacklist’s Season 7 finale trailer, Ressler can be heard presumably telling Liz that she has to choose between Katarina and Red. Is she ready to finally decide?

It is a choice that The Blacklist has been building to throughout Season 7. Will the finale actually see Liz take a side? And will she choose Katarina or Red? At play is a person that Liz has known basically for five seconds, and another person she has known nearly a decade. Whatever the trust issues are between them, I would hope Liz sides with Red.

Find out who Liz is ready to end everything with when the Season 7 finale of The Blacklist airs tomorrow, on Friday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. While awaiting Season 8, Blacklist fans have this summer’s premieres to look forward to. You can watch previous finales from earlier seasons on Netflix, along with lots of 2020 arrivals.

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